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  • I thought about doing the home made intake this weekend, and had a few questions for you. How big of a bit did you use to drill the sensor hole in the PVC, and how did you get the sensor to stay there? thanks.
    Hi there. I really like the look of your grille, its exactly what i want for my truck. Judging by the looks of it its a gmc billet grille. I dont see why it wouldnt, but did it bolt right up? and how did you go about attaching the chevy emblem?
    long time no talk old friend. i see you still look the same by the avatar to my left lol. wondering if your brother still does dent removal? if he does i got two trucks in need of dents being removed and would like for him to take a look at them, cash money as always. call me on my cell Doug, 908 902-7733.

    also i will be registering for carlisle momentarily

    hey boss i would like to know what setup u have on the front of ur OBS...Im thinking of baggin it as well and really like the stance ur truck has...i also would like to know what sizes for ur wheels and tires...thanks...
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