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  • Hey Clay. Just thought I would see if you still came around here. And I see you logged on yesterday. I most likely won't log back on for a long time but just wanted to say I hope you are doing well man.
    hey i was wondering if you still have the 01 in your sig pic or just the 09? that 01 looks great, i'd like a RCSB 4.8/5spd 2WD for a summer daily driver since i know how fun the small V8 and 5spd combo is lol, the 4.8 i bet is a lot more fun to drive making so much more power and gets better mileage

    i was wondering if you lowered yours because i like that stance, i figure maybe a leveling kit would look good, also what wheels are those? i'm a big fan of chrome wheels and RWL tires, the classic old school look
    Wow when did you move to south texas and where abouts??? I am doing good still keeping busy at work as usual and looking forward to relocating next summer back to San Antonio to be closer to my folks it was a hard decision but I am really ready to get out of Houston lol.....yeah I think you did tell me you had sold the Z and had gotton a Tahoe....Well you will never guess Ryan I totaled my truck back in February of this year I got hit by a drunk driver and it was a mess settling with his insurance company so I finally got my new truck in March I found some brand new 2009 Silverado's left over and actually worked a really sweet deal so I went that route and I am slowly getting used to it because my new one is an ext cab and I really do like it......geez by all means please keep in touch stranger it was so good hearing from you.
    I'm doin good. I moved the family down to South Texas where I am working for a PD down here. I don't know if I told you but I sold the Z71 and bought a 2007 Tahoe for the wife and bought me a 2000 Camaro SS. How've you been lately
    There will be a 5k run and motorcycle ride followed by food, games and activities for the kids, beer and music including a concert by Johnny Lee at 8pm. There are also some AWESOME tiems in the live and silent auction.

    Hey whats up man. Did you see out houston texas meet thread in the event section? Were all set up for march and got like 36 replies.

    Thanks robin
    I have been doing Ok things at work are finally starting to slow down it has been hell since we reopened from the hurricane last year it was so busy until it was not even funny....BTW we need to meet up or give me a call and give me some info on the get together next month I have it on my calender.....Well that is great you are able to take a little time off for some R&R have fun in Corpus yeah it's amazing how fast kids grow up the next thing your daughter will be doing is asking Daddy can I have the car keys.
    not much..just the usual...you knoe LIFE....I'm down in Corpus visiting family for my daughters 4th b-day. other than that it's great. How have you been.
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