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  • I will when I head back over to where it stays. No one drives it much anymore and I just drive it so it doesn't sit there. Just a metallic green truck with 33s stuck under it and the specs listed in the sig, a flowaster, a Hypertech tune, and intake. Hauls for 220K miles.
    im not one to really take pictures, well not of this thing. well maybe i will, but i have very few pics so i will have to see what i can do. it def needs alot and its a very tight budget
    I can't copy a link off my itouch but go to south jersey down to the February 3rd posts and look for the 96 Z71. Better pics and the truck is actually blue up top. Truck is in Villa,NJ where ever that is
    That's cool, I'm in Smyrna about 40 minutes south. I have had this truck for about 1 1/2 years and I'm assuming you saw the post recently? What was the title to the craigslist ad, I'd like to check it out.
    Wasn't me. I had my old K5 on there awhile ago but that has been sold for awhile. You're in Jersey right?
    Okay, I got it. I found another of your posts. You now have a New Venture. I plan on going with an NV4500 eventually. Would still like to get my hands on one of these shifters for it.

    Thanks for the response. I am confused that it did not fit. Which gearbox did you try to fit it to? I have original 5-speed GETRAG. Should I expect one of these to fit it, if I can find one? Thanks again for your participation.
    I found your post from December about a Competition Plus shifter for the 88-92(some 93) 5-speed. Is that item still for sale? Now that I'm ready to do my transmission, they discontinued it! If not available, do you know where one is...(reliable source) Thanks for any help provided.
    yeah actually right now i have two chevys, an 83 and i think an 86, my name is kinda an inside joke, one of my buddies drove an accord for a daily, but yeah ive owned peolly close to nine or ten 73-87 chevy trucks, and i love em
    Hey man, which bulbs did you get from vled's. I can't decide on which ones to get. And how did you change the color of your A/C thing to red... looks badass, i wanna do the same. is it like the gauges??
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