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  • Thanks for the feedback. By the way, what part of the 305 do you live in? I was born and raised there.
    Let me know if you ever hit up Betty's Best Burgers (Old Fuddruckers) on US1 and southwest 104 street for the car show on the first saturday of every month. Would like to meet up with more of the chevy crowd.

    - James
    i dont mea to jock yur style but i put shackles the other day lowered 2 inches back and signed up for a Black bear tune lol keep in touch ;)
    yea man im reALLY considering getting the wheatley tune
    is there any info i should know before hand
    like about shifts points nd stuff like tat

    or do i just go in person and tell him hey i want more power nd more mpgs?? thats the part that confuses me
    man i have a truck just like yours except mine is on 20s illl post pics soon jsut wondering though what performence mods did u make??
    I think that a 2/4 drop with a 305/40/22 rim/tire combo that wide would rub when the wheel is cranked. even if you had the fenders rolled, i think it would rub. i know my front tires are about 1/2 inch from rubbing the front valence. if it was lowered any more in the front, the valence would have to be seriously trimmed. You should sign up and check out the forum. I saw your truck, and it looks great. Saw one pretty similar to it for sale here locally a few days back.
    I was looking around the forums, saw one of your posts and noticed we have simular trucks. I have an 03 silverado reg cab short box with 22" rims running 305/40/22 tires.

    I am trying to figure out how much I can drop my truck with my current rims and tires. I saw you are only running a 2" shackle in the rear. Do you know anyone with 22's and a 2/4 drop?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Here is my truck: http://picasaweb.google.com/aaronberlin/Truck#
    ooh...gotcha, sorry. I just welded the reciever tubes to the frame of the truck just below where the tow hooks come out. Theyre pretty much permanent...hehe...
    hey man just wndering if you can tell me how u painted ur textured pieces im was going to get my bumpercap painted but the guy wants 300 to do it i fuigured since i already have the paint i could do it myself could u tell me how to please?

    was gonna send this as a pm but it was full
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