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  • hey im new to the site. i hope you can answer my questions. i need some help. 2001 4.3 with a 5 speed. i want to swap for a v8. can you email me at shawn16allis@hotmail.com thanks shawn
    Sup man. I thought i would mention to you our dallas houston texas meet in march. Just take a look at the event section. Make a post if you wanna come out and meet everyone.

    Thanks robin
    I really like you wheels. What brand? Style? What size front and rear? And back spacing? I'm building a 2000 and plan on stuffing the widest tire and wheel possible in the rear with out narrowing my axle.
    hey demon, it's FalleN .... name change to hide LOL .... anyway it's been a long time and i never see you online at the same time as I, so i wanted to say hello!
    Hey Demon, I was search through some old post and saw one from you on 6/22/05 under the thread Post your setup. Your rims (The black on chrome lip - if you don't have them anymore) caught my eye. I have the same ones but in all chrome. I am down to 2 center caps now as the cheap plastic ones either have fallen off or been stolen. I used to be able to order them from the number on the back but can't find replacements online anymore. I was wondering if you have ever had to order any and if so where. Or if not do you remember the name or brand of these rims. I haven't tried searching by that since I don't remember. All I have is the numbers on the cap. Any help would be greatly apprecaited. It really sucks having a nice truck and missing something little like that. It just ruins it all for you. Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully reply even if you don't have any info for me.
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