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    drivabeater 4.0: another try to get it right

    I also grabbed a proper hitch for a truck, instead of the suburban one that doesn't clear the bumper. It has a neat setup for wiring, and i'll show that when I utilize it. This came off a service body truck over at my scrap guys house. 20200930_080046 by Michael Crawford, on Flickr went...
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    drivabeater 4.0: another try to get it right

    previously: 1741.47 new stuff: returned trailer hitch and socket, trans cooler and lines. -64.46 correct hitch, front tow hooks, gmt800 master cyl: 15.00 power mirror switch: 14.99 amazon stereo adapter harness 3.98 stereo dash kit: 4.99 pullapart blaupunkt Tennessee stereo...
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    drivabeater 4.0: another try to get it right

    next stop was to get the first layer of filth off. Started by removing the toolbox and bed rail caps. Then went to the local full service car wash and spent $28 worth of the good money. They washed it, vacuumed it, cleaned the windows, etc. its not clean. Not even close. Hell, the roof is still...
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    drivabeater 4.0: another try to get it right

    Budget first: truck: 1200 front brake pads: 29.99 drop shocks, clear headlights, springs, spare rotors, etc: free glove box:14.15 instrument bezel: 19.61 ash tray and sockets: 12.58 trim panel under dash: 13.06 bumper: 51.93 trailer hitch and 7 pin connector: 37.21 factory trans...
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    1978 datsun 280Z in NC

    Listing this for a friend. contact him, not me. I have a 1978 Datsun 280Z for sale. The car has very little rust; NO rust under the battery tray or in the floor pans. The complete under carriage has been cleaned and painted along with the motor, transmission, suspension, fuel lines, fuel...
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    2001 trans am ws6 in nc

    For sale is a 2001 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM WS6. all factory options. asking 6000 obo, located in locust, NC. car is equipped with poower steering, power 4 wheel disc ABS, Power windows, Power door locks, Power leather seats, Automatic trans, monsoon radio, cruise, tilt, AC, T-tops, 17 inch...
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    1989 sierra ECLB 2wd. lowered, restored, low milage

    truck is located in albemarle, nc. asking 5000 OBO. great truck, with an origonal 77000 miles on it. im the second owner, and it was my company truck before that. 4.3, five speed. i bought it at the end of 2010, with the intentions of it being my new family truck. it has done that admirably...
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    WTB red seat belt and sunvisors

    i need a drivers side red seat belt for my 89 extended cab. the rear one on the drivers side. mines busted pretty good. also looking for red/burgundy sunvisors with the mirrirs and vanity lights. if its not local, ill need a price shipped to 28001. thanks Michael
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    Project: living room (OBS ECLB)

    i refer to this truck as my living room, as its about the same size, about as comfortable, and i spend more time in it than i do on my couch. i drive roughly 400 miles a week in this truck alone, so... anyway, I got this truck as a flipper. The company i spent the last 5 years working for...