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  • Well, I got it on eBay 3-4 years ago for $220 shipped. A brand was not listed in the auction, but it is a Westin. I wasn't expecting any certain brand. I still see them on eBay for around that price, but I am not sure who I got mine from since it was so long ago. Hope this helps.
    Yeah, I always park in that lot on the weekends b/c its only like 2 blocks from my apartment (and my normal space is like 20 blocks, but a 10 minute bus ride).
    I will have to get some pictures of it, cleaning the interior tomorrow so I will snap a few pictures.
    It's just paint. I put Tahoe up in air, removed all tires, sanded and hevy rusted areas, sprayed frame with purple degreaser and concentrated simple green, then power washed. Let it set for a day, then came back and brush painted using Rustoleum semi gloss black. I really should hvae painted with some Rustoleum heavy rusted metal primer first, but their paint does a good job by itself preventing rust. I was going more for dress up/cover up than anything as frame wasn't super rusty to begin with. I did mainly outside rails, front crossmember, and most of rear stuff. I would like to do inside rails all crossmembers and wheels wells, but doubt I will get them since the are unseen although I may clean, spray can the wheels wells flat black before winter.
    If ya like before/after pics, shoot me your email and I can send them to ya.
    Hi Eddie.
    Thanks for the compliments on the truck. I'll post some more pics here shortly, I've got some new ones that I took last week after I washed/ waxed it. As far as my liking of the crew cab goes, I'm 85% on liking it and say 15% on not. The crew cab part I love, and would get that again without a doubt. I'm 6'3" and I've got 2 younger brothers that are 6'6" and 6'7" so I had to have space if I were to do people hauling, and I just could not see any decent length trip being in an extended cab and being comfortable.

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