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  • Hey tried to send a pm about the armrests I'm still waiting on. I will wait til wednesday. Could you send me a copy of the receipt so I can see if the post office and tell me anything. I'm not sure if they will be able to see if maybe it's lost somewhere or delivered to the wrong address or something.
    after i checked some of the basics like plug,plug wires,and coil pack i pulled the fuel rail off and dumped the gas that was left in the fuel rail into a clear container so that i can see what the gas inside of it looked like and when i did it had alot of small black debris. So i pulled each injector from the fuel rail and cleaned the fuel rail with carb. cleaner and then sprayed each injector with carb. cleaner and then reinstalled everything and the code went away. I can almost promise you if you do the same yours will probably also go away unless your injector is completely shot and in that case you will either need to replace it or send it off to get cleaned. goodluck man hope this helps
    Hey man I noticed you had a thread about your 5.3misfiring on cylinder 7. My truck is throwing the same code I was curious as to what you had to do exactly to fix it?
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