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  • Hey man, sent you a pm the other day but haven't heard back from ya. Just wondering if you received it?
    i cant remember what thread i read it in, but i think it said you worked for a shop. can you possibly get a deal on some sort of traction device? like the arb locker or even the eaton or auburn posi set up for a 10 bolt, 8.5, 30 spline rear end.
    I got another question for you! What is the off-set on your rims and tires? and Size of them also please sir! Thanks man
    Hey man! I gotta say, I like your pickup alot!! I have an extended cab just like it, and I am about to lift it. I had thought about putting the bigger mirrors on it before, but then I saw yours, and its a must!! I got a few questions. I know they are the mirrors off the Duramax, but do the wiring harnesses match up, and do they just bolt-on, and fit right? Also, what would be the best way to go about getting some? Thanks man, I appreciate it!
    Yeah lets not say ****it, and get something special :D. With that dodge you can clear 35's with a level kit? They take 37's with just a 6!
    But its puuuuurdy?? Do you want a diesel or something? If I was you I would want a huge lifted diesel instead of your truck, but thats just me :D
    Hey randomness, but has anyone ever told you you should get black aftermarket headlights or tint yours? That would look sick with the entire blackout look!
    sweet are they the ones with built in turn signals and electic adjust or are they manual adjust. cuz they look badass
    what's your phone number/email? I'll send you a camera phone pic of the truck.
    hey man I hear u work for stylin concepts I have a ? about a truck in the stylin trucks issue, I am curious about the red ext cab truck that displays the EFX steel roll pan, I was wondering what size wheels those are and what drop that truck has on it... Thanks Man
    If i need to order soemthing from stylin concepts, how do I contact you? I need the following items for my 2000 silverado:

    -street scene power/heated mirrors
    -tailgate relocater
    -rollpan (preferably with the knockout for hitch behind plate) Which rollpan do you recommend and is it just a bolt on?

    Any help would be appreciated!!

    I drive an 09 1500 silverado "Black" And was really thinking about painting all my plastics black such as you did. What kind of prep was involved? ie: high build primer, wet sanding , ect. areeves57@hotmail.com is my e-mail addres if you have any other pics of your truck you would like to share i would really like to see them.
    Thanks alot
    Whats up?
    I was referred to you by sLOWrado01. He said you work for stylinconcepts. I was wondering if youd be able to give a better pricing then off the site. Any help would be appreciated! If you can, im lookin for parts for my 1999 Chevy Silverado extended cab.

    I need the following:
    -DJM 4/6 drop kit
    -Spacer to prevent chevy lean
    - lowering shocks(what do you recommend, im on a tight budget right now)

    Im also possible considering the 3 way folding tonneau cover.

    Once again , any help would be appreciated!


    Do you have a k&n fipk on your truck and if so can you tell the difference between before and after. I want to add one to my truck.


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