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  • hey hows it going? i saw some of your post on the 350 TBI truck you did a few years back and you really know what you are doing. I was going to ask if you could help me on my build? i have a 1990 silverado with a 5.7L TBI.
    Thanks for the reply.
    Maybe in the e-mail will be more convenient to communicate? Pasis2004@gmail.com

    I read a lot of information which you wrote in various forums. Thank you so much for the information! It is priceless!

    I decided to change my engine to another.
    I have 2 options.
    Vortec from Tahoe '96 and LT-1 from the Pontiac Trans Am 94.
    The motors are sold with all hinged equipment.
    Price is about the same.

    What do you think which one is better for me to buy for my van?

    I later want to install camshaft LT-4, as you advised.

    As for the fuel system, I find it easier to work with TBI. But if the TPI for many it would be better for future upgrades, I'm willing to think about it.

    And what kind of transmission you advise?
    I have now 4L60e. I think over its repair and upgrade. Or, just need to install 4L80e? What you need to install it?

    BR, Alexander!

    My name is Alexander
    I am from Russia.

    I also have Chevy Van G20 350, 1993.
    I was looking for information about modifying this motor, and found a lot of good information that you wrote here.

    A few days ago I broke the engine in the Chevy.

    Therefore, I am considering variants of modifying it. I choose between the options of repair and modification of its old TBI engine, or replace it with a Vortec.

    If you do not mind, can I ask you a few questions on modifications? In Russia a few people who know these engines well.

    BR, Alexander.
    cool, it's been a while since I seen any posts. I'm having a little trouble with the tuning. To be honest, I'm a bit lost as far as how to fill all the holes in the tune. The fuel map is a bit of a mess and I'm sure the fuel enrichment is a way off.
    I was leaning towards a chip to start what all would be needed to do so ?

    the only things i have really done to it aside of major maintenance to begin with was i had the cat cut since the stock one was bad planned on going to a high flow cat when inspection is due, I got rid of the stock muffler this past week end replaced it with a thrush and dumped at the rear axle. Also removed the flap in the breather tube leading to fender well. Other than that pretty much stock thought about adjusting the timing a tad.

    As far as the
    7.) "369" ignition module
    8.) 1.6:1 self-aligning roller rockers

    How much would that help over all ? i appreciate all the help man i plan on dropping a 350 in some time around November maybe early January but thats still a good ways off
    Yo bro from what i see your the expert on the 305 and actual live about 18 minutes away lol i live in midlo, Anyway

    i don't really want to swap a 350 into my 93 gmc currently have a 305 with about 267K miles it runs strong but i would like more power any thoughts ?

    And btw your inbox is full lol
    HEy man your inbox is full but I got a few questions:

    Hey man I know you have run a 6A box on your van you had and jsut had a few questions.

    I just purchased a MSD 6420 box and harness for a plug and play setup. with my mods in my sig along with the fuel PSI at 14 and my timing 4* advanced and plugs gapped at .045", and a chip from Fastchip, will I see a gain with starting, power, and MPG?

    and any suggestions on plug gap, fuel psi, or timing to run with the box to maximize the benefit?

    Hey there,

    just reading some of your old post on using a tpi on a cpi pcm. i have a 94 astrovan with cpi now, and have a rebuilt tpi engine complete with camaro attached to it. wanting to put it in the van. do you still have any of the tuning information you used to get a good running tune on the 7427 pcm to run the tpi 350 with the 4l60e. needing to get something going fast as family just got bigger and definatly need the van going to fit the kiddos. thanks so much

    hey man i'm lookin to swap an l31 block in my truck and keep the tbi...i think i'm gonna have to have the block bored and i may even throw a cam in. I dont wanna screw around with mail order tunes and just wanna go straight to a dyno tune. the closest tuner i know of is ed at fastchip but tulsa is a bit far away from galveston. so any good obd1 tuners in texas?

    also your inbox is full
    Howdy. I sent you a PM a while back, but I don't honestly recall everything I covered in it. Basically right now I'm looking for some porting suggestions on the 193s. I have them cleaned up about the best I can (space constrictions inside the port, can't clean up everything), but I'm not 100% sure where to take more material out. Pictures are in the 383 build thread for my truck. I'd greatly appreciate a few pointers... especially to get flow numbers like you got in the thread you posted on TGO some time ago :read:

    Are you useing the EBL system ? And if so HOW DO YOU LIKE IT & is it HARD to USEand or PROGRAM ?
    ~OBSESSION~ 1991 454 Dually
    The engine runs great...I need yet another transmission and I am combing around looking for a decent deal on a 4L80E or TH400. The 383 TPI just EATS 4L60Es even moderately built ones for lunch. Are the SLP parts still available? $375 shipped IIRC is what you were looking for? Thank---Chris
    Hey hows the van runnin? I was dropping by to ask ya about the SLP parts. If you want them i can have them sent your way maybe the day you send the money and you could have them this week. I have a box and stuff to get them all ready to go. Let me know what ya think. moncarr737@aol.com for paypal Thanks take it easy -Ryan
    I have been tryin to get ahold oh you but your PMs are full! I have the SLP setup off the truck. let me know if your still interested. PM me your zip and ill get ya a shipped price! thanks -Ryan
    Sup man. I thought i would mention to you our dallas houston meet in march. Check the event section for our meet thread. We already got liek 40 replies.

    Make a post if your interested.

    Thanks robin

    How is it going? I'm Bryan, the one who sold you a moates APU1 and some goodies some time ago. When you get time, could you call me at 713-882-1756? I want to talk to you about the big tbi injectors they use down in Mexico, and get some direction for the TBI 406 I am building using a BBC Throttle Body.


    I have some time to spare (two months), but I figure it's worth a shot, since I pretty much have no faith in brian at tbi chips to get it even close without datalogging.

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