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  • you dont happen to remember what your rpms were at when you were at 75-80 in 4th do you? and are you saying its gonna be a pain around town with 4.10, its a pretty built 468ci
    hey i got a question on your red k20 you used to have, i have an 86 k10 which has a 14bff, 205, sm465 and putting a d60 in the front, im half way done with swappin my 350 with a 454 i built, the motor is built pretty good so probably gonna have around 450-480hp, im going 38s, how was your truck on the highway with 38s, sm465 and a 454 with 4.10s?
    Chevy on the other hand, is great. We've got a 2000 with a 5.3L with over 300,000 miles and dad does not take care of it and it's going strong. We also have a '98 3500 Savanna with I think 240,000 and it's going great with a 350 and its always loaded with about 3,000 pounds. We've got other stuff but nothing driven every day. Did have an '07 Ford but some guy ran off the road and totaled it last week. And I'm no stranger to the older stuff, I prefer working on them. I've got an '82 Jeep CJ8. I've done a lot of work to it. I'm currently restoring a '75 J10. I've helped my buddy with his stuff all of the time, he's got a '77 Hornet and an '82 Scottsdale. I've also worked at a garage for community service hours. And as you know, I have a '94 Sierra, I do all of the work to it, which it hardly needs any. I work on my fiance's Cavalier.
    I may not of had many years working as a mechanic, but I know my way around cars and trucks. And I prefer gasoline.
    I currently work construction in my dad's business. He has a handful of trucks and I do some work on them. Pretty much just whatever he wants done. Every diesel he's ever owned pretty much has needed expensive work done. The worst 2 being a '91 Ford with broken pistons and his '01 Dodge. It's the biggest POS I've ever seen. Yes, the have plenty of power but they break constantly. Everything in the fuel system has been changed, some of it has been changed twice. this was thousands of dollars over maybe 2 years and has caused it be towed several times. The clutch has been changed twice, and now it ripped the backing plate, broke the ends off the wheel cylinder, bent the springs, completely destroyed the shoes, and some weird little bolt got bent that's used as a pin. We're still waiting for that to come in. So, I'm not a Dodge or a diesel fan. We've never had a good experience with them.
    There's only one way to get hp and torque numbers, that's to dyno. So what's the point of saying they're dyno numbers? I figured it's implied. And you're right, I haven't operated a dyno much, about 3 times and I've helped operate one about a dozen times. I did it at NADC. And before you jump on the bandwagon with everyone else, I'm the first to say it's not a great school. It's good for someone that absolutely has no clue what so ever. Honestly, if my high school shop class had more money for tools it would've been better. The best part of NADC was hi-po but now they're focused around LS engines and a 4th gen Camaro so I'm glad I got to it before all of that.
    You must really like pissing on everybody. You start a lot of bs with everyone. I'll let you figure this one out, how does one dyno a truck? It sure as hell ain't on an engine dyno and that's why the numbers are lower.
    you speak the truth! i appreciate everything u said to be completely honest you're one of the coolest people on this site. PROPS MAN!
    Thanks for the kind words man. Take care of yourself bud, it sounds like your in about as good shape I am. Reply on my page that way I know you did.
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