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  • Hey, I was wonderin about some dash wiring diagrams for my 74 w/guages? it is the last of many issues and I cant locate them anywhere. It would be great. Thanks alot, Carl S
    hey i was wondering if i could pick your brain on your 5 to 6 lug converison i have a 1995 wt truck that i got a set of 03 silverado wheels off of my brother if you could get back to me i would really appericated it... thanks...
    you live in elkhart correct, well have you had any of your vehicles tbi's bored and if so then where did you go? thanks
    Hey man, my name is chris let me know your little secret about the fireston e level command system hookup. Thanks
    Hello my name is Lance I have a new thread in performance about doing a 5.7 t.b.i. to 5.7 vortec swap an a guy buy the screen name "c/ktruckfan" told me to p.m. you for what I was looking for an was hoping you could help me out if possible. I'm looking to do a 5.7. t.b.i to a 5.7 vortec swap the "complete motor" not the "head swap" an was looking for a step by step write up of how to do this. See I have a 93 chevy silverado ext. cab 1500 with the 5.7 t.b.i. an a donor truck that is a 98 silverado 2500 with the 5.7 vortec as I mention before I want to swap an need help finding a good write. The things that I have found out on my on search is that I will need the wiring harness,pcm,motor to do this swap is this correct an is there any other stuff I will need of the donor truck before I send it to the salvage yard any help would be greatful an Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey man from what I remember you were running a set of cooper STT's on one of your rigs right? How are they wearing? I am considering those when my swampers finally wear out.
    Hey my name is jeff and I noticed your from Elkhart also. We should meet up for a beer sometime. You seem pretty knowledgable and I have a few questions that r hard to ask in type form if you know wAt I mean.

    Get ahold of me sometime.
    thanks jeff
    i have a 92 chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 im doin the solid axle swap, can you give me a list of what i need please!! im getting a dana 44 from a ford so i dont have to change the trany, can you tell me from what year ford i need to get one from and everything elese i need for the front?? write me at kennyhawes@yahoo.com
    Will you write a list of the kit you bought to do this or where you bought it? mines a 4x4 so im just converting the front end to a solid axle and lifting the rear. PLEASE message me at kennyhawes@yahoo.com !!!
    That's cool man it's always nice to get ur rig going again. Hell I still have to make the trac bar and bracets. But the motor has about had it. That and I want to level the truck I don't like the Cali lean anymore. :LOL: so I'm gonna get springs soon.
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