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  • There were a 2 recalls on my 2003 CC, the middle rear seatbelt and the tailgate cables. The other 2 things that have service bulletins are the intermediate shaft on the steering and the 4x4 switch on the dash (this gives you the "service 4x4" notice on the dash). If you search the site, you will see those often. I had my intermediate shaft problem addressed under warranty several years ago, and it's been fine since, but then again, I hardly ever drive it. I also had my 4x4 switch replaced under warranty and it's been fine too. I got a 6 yr/75k warranty when I bought my truck new, so it's only been out of warranty for 2 years now, plus I drive it about 1000 miles a year, so I don't have too many chances to have trouble.
    My e-mail is Monevthegamer@yahoo.com, I'm always up for checking out someones project.
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