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    1990 SB Bag and Build thread

    Gaah! thang is bad! Been a while. Hey i still got mine, no changes. lol
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    First truck Beepaw's '86 Custom Deluxe

    This is where it all started with me and trucks. My grandfather gave it to me when I was 15. It was in bad shape cosmetically (dents). Me and my father fixed a few of the smaller ones, but decided we needed some professional help. The interior, underhood, and the underside only needed some...
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    Uncle's 72 stepside

    Posting up these pics due to boredom and hopes of motivation. This is as the title says my uncles truck. He was telling me that he was thinking of having the rockers replaced on his truck. Out of fear of some shop not doing a thorough job I volunteered for the work. I got his rockers, floor...
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    OBS RCSB Bags and Stuff

    Here is what I started with in 2002. With the exception of the exhaust. Removed some trim pieces and painted the grille. 17s on stuck in snow. This is it in 2004. 5/6 drop Belltech 3" coils, 2" spindles. Factories back on with low profiles and I gave polished handles a try. Here are a few...
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    doored dually flatbed

    what do you think?
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    Here from Upstate SC

    In the middle of bagging my truck. 1993 5.0 liter 2wd. I built a 2 link. :bhb:Hated it. Got stuck ONCE, on gravel in my friends driveway due to lack of articulation. Embarrassing, went home started cutin' it up again. 3 link this time.