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  • I can't remember who made my sig. There is a place on here to ask for one to be made. And no I am home now in Maryland, but I plan to visit Martin sometime.
    I got my clear parking lights from eBay, but it looks like the seller has discontinued selling them. They're OEM replicas except clear, not euro. They look exactly like stock except minus the amber. Good luck finding some!
    Hey man thanks for the kind words. It looks good on here because I know how to take good pictures. In person its getting rough. Anyways, I enjoy Martin. The classes are small, which makes your education experience better. I don't know how much partying you do, but there are a few fraternities and such that party, and then of course your parties with your close friends. I have lived in the dorms my whole time, its not great, but its not bad, as I have always had friends with houses if I wanted to get out. Not a whole lot to do here, there is a movie theatre, a couple bars, and thats about it. If there is anything in particular that I didn't answer just let me know and I will try to help as much as possible.
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