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  • Hey whats up man I tried to inbox you but I think it didn't let me I have another question for you, well today I went out and bought this DA at Sears and just wanted to know if it'll work? I am asking because I looked at some videos on youtube and I also saw a refinishing DA but of what I saw its more for like really fine sanding or wet sanding. Hope to hear from you!

    Heres the DA
    Hey Jeremy, I had some questions a while back for you about me painting my own truck. Well I've got all the bodywork done and about to primer it. I've used high build over all the repair spots and blocked it down nice and smooth. Now I'm bout to use an epoxy primer over the entire truck. The can says its a non sanding primer but is that right? (Nason Epoxy) I want to be able to wetsand it if there is any debris in it before shooting the base. Also, it is a good idea to spray sealer over it before shooting base correct and can that be sanded? Thanks for any help! -Drew

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