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  • Hey Jim ,I have a 02 z71 suburban also 6 in lift and 3 in body lift and leveling keys .Did you change your torsion bars? If so what did you use or pat # I added a winch bumper and wjnch and front end saga I need about 1.7 more inches to level it out.Thanks in advance. Also feel free to call me at 919-426-9193 or shoot me a # I can reach you at. Could use a lilittle help ASAP.Thanks again. Jon.
    Jim your inbox is full, this is my reply to your last message:

    Hell yeah dude that would rock, that would help me out greatly. I'm stationed @ Fort Hood which is central TX, but I'm currently deployed. I come home on R&R leave in Sept so maybe I could meet up with you somewhere sometime then? Thanks for the help!

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