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  • Hey man, in the thread about the np246 np241 write-up, you mentioned NBS already has something in place to cut the hole for the floor shifter. What's there? I havent ripped up my carpet yet to see the holes. I'm guessing the holes for the shifter cover are there. Doing research before I dive into it.
    I've always liked RCLB trucks, i don't see many of them other than OBS trucks and older. There's a member on here that has a white 2500HD 6.0L as well. Nice truck as well, his don't have aftermarket wheels on it though. Just a blackbear tune.
    are you serious i probly see 5 a day (rclb 2500hd 6.0)not even kidding
    and ive only seen 3 identical
    and thanks but its really not nice lol
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