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    hello from Maine!

    Greetings all. Just wanted to say hello and get to know some people here. New to this forum but long time member to some of the f-body forums. I invite everyone to stop by my build thread in the projects section.
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    1988 RCSSB "modernization"

    Ok, so to start I've got a 1988 C1500 RCSSB. It is a base model 5.0/automatic truck. BORING! So, where I'm going with it is a bit more on the entertaining side. Starting with the interior, I am replacing the 1988 - no power options - interior with a full power 1998 (done the right way). After...
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    Hello to all!

    Newbie here from Maine, stopping by to investigate tech for my new project. In process of a 1998 interior swap into my RCSSB 1998 along with a 6.0 turbo build out front. This will share the garage with my 1996 Trans Am, 396 LTx, 4L80E that dyno'd at 496whp/438tq all motor.