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  • Mark,

    I was searching around on FSC for arrival blue door handles and ive seen many people recommended pm'ing you about them. So i was wondering when you get a chance if you could point me in the right direction for color matched door handles and possibly other arrival blue parts. Ive searched on GM parts Direct but didn't have any luck. Thanks for the help.

    Door handles
    I have a 2005 1500CC that is silver birch metalic, paint code 926L. I am wanting a price on the painted door handles for my truck.

    Hey mark,

    I am in need of some painted door handles for my 05 2500 crewcab. It is the fine silver birch metallic color, what kinda price can you get me for a full set included the tail gate handle.
    Mark, I want to add GM #17802547 (Fog Lights) to my vehicle. There is a RPO code that says is required. Front Driving Fog Lamps w/ Dark Gray Fascia (w/o RPO Code B4U or TS9, if equipped w/ LU3 and YE9 combination, YE9 will not work)
    I have YE9 and no others. What is the issue, they are foglights??
    My vehicle is a 2006 Silverado crew cab. Vin# 2GCEK13T261220426
    Thanks, Michael
    hey mark im sorry for cloggin up your messages, but can the forum leader of the forsale add to my title of my 37s and 17s with a F/S or F/T. if its possible. thanks for all ya'lls hard work to keep forum alive
    can you still get the escalade handles. I'm lookin for a set for a 05 cc, in sandstone. if you can weill you get me part numbers a price.

    Scott Henton

    Back in 2005 you posted a thread about installing 99+ door handles into pre-99 OBS trucks. The old post no longer has photos (thumbprints) that I can pull up from the server; would you be willing to re-post those pictures in a new thread for those of us late-comers to the forum to see? thanks for your time.
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