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    Yeah, Search out my build thread. I actually took an aftermarket rear bumper, marked and trimmed in all out with a plasma cutter and frenched it in to the back of my box somewhat. I didn't really do a step by step or anything.
    i can keep an eye out but lately people have been snagging the front seats out pretty fast. not sure why.lol hell i lucked out last week and found a decent 60/40 in grey. i just gotta clean it and im pretty sure i could sell it quickly then.
    Looks good except if you are going with the barb type just follow the original hose that had the quick disconnect fitting and it should be secured with a clamp to the heater core. Buy a new heater hose and replace the entire original one using a clamp on each end.
    Hi Mr_Shamrock,

    The brass hose barb sounds like a better fix. Let me know if I have this correct.

    1. Remove the broken part of the threads in the intake (easy out, drill, hacksaw blade, or whatever works best) and also remove the old quick disconnect part from the metal part of the hose line.

    2. Clean the threads with a tap
    3. Screw a correct sized brass barb in the intake
    4. Slide a new rubber hose on the end of the brass barb and secure with a hose clamp.
    5. Slide the other end of the new rubber hose over the metal end of the line that used to have the quick disconnect attached to it and secure with a hose clamp.
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