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  • Hello,
    I bought some LS1 injectors awile back as I couldnt bring myself to put in the yellow top ford ones. I put in a new FPR. I lost the hard start problem and went to rich codes. I got a JET DST from a friend and changed some trims on a print out I found on here a year ago or so. No more codes but my mileage went down to 8 or 9. Can you help me a little or Do you have some suggestions? Thanks Matt
    I read in the BB posts that you do pcm tunes.
    I'm reading threw it completely lots of into. page 40 after
    and lots more to go. I have couple 454s a 95 TBI and a 97 Vortec
    there more less work trucks nothing fancy both have exhaust upgrades i'm going to replace the
    injectors with in couple months i have couple leaking pretty good hot starts suck. the 95 is 60 over 10.0-1 just
    built. the 97 is stock. what would you say for both.
    Thank you
    Tom Allabaugh
    Owner: BigSky Ammunition.
    RE: Brake RPO

    Hi NODIH My brake RPO is JD7
    2000 K2500 RCLB (single rear wheels with drums )

    Hope this helps

    Ok I will look today at the truck info. If I just send mine to you what kind of turn around time are you looking at? Thanks for all the help! Matt
    You are the man! Too bad I didnt find it earlier. Had the hard start problem and was working on the solution,,,then boom! overload fuel ignited and did some valve damage. Not quite running right anymore.haha No worries...time for a rebuild anyway (187K). Your tips on the 454 are spot on! Your list on essential mods is now my bible. When no one else could answer! Great! and thanks again for your posts. Anything else you can turn me on to would be greatly appreciated. I haul a 5th wheel and was wanting a cam replacemen to best support that. "Give up my 99? From my cold dead hands."

    I read your' very insightful post on the 454 vortec thread. I got my hands on a set of LS6 injectors someone removed from thier vette to upgrade for damn near free and was wondering if you could tell me if the engine would even run? I plan on sending the comp off to have it set for optimal tuning anyway, but i was curious as a tech junkie. Thanks for any input you can offer. Ryan 940-224-3292
    Hello N0DIH,

    Pres10 from Florissant, MO. my email is pres10@charter.net and my cell number is 314-960-3842. Please feel free to call or mail.

    Looking forward to learning all I can and perhaps making a few changes to my truck.


    John Preston.
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