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  • Finally I put in 4.56 gears and a nice set of Caltrac traction bars. I launch at 4,500 with a gentle smooth slip of the clutch (not a dump) and have had a 1.8s 60' time on 17s with Drag Radials. With the 4.56s and another 3rd gear dyno, I have made 280 RWHP and 320 RWTQ from the little stock internal, stock exhaust manifolds 4.7 and suprised MANY HEMI's. The Vortec Max owner was more than a little suprised as well. Getting owned by a Quad Cab 4.7 on 20s.

    I have 3 time slips showing BOTH trucks from last night and will scan them as soon as I get the time.
    One of the first things I did was remove that huge intake air box resonator and use 3" sewer pipe to connect the air box to the throttle body. Its not pretty but it works GREAT. I then ducted air to the stock air box which I put a K&N drop-in element in. Running down the highway I see an average IAT vs Ambient air temperature of about 2*. I next put a 180*F thermostat in it to keep it cool and keep the PCM from retarding the timing so much. I then used a Superchips 3865 Programmer. The clutch fan is gone as well and in its place a Ford Taurus fan sitting in the shroud. I also removed the factory belt and came up with a routing and length to bypass the power steering and compressor at the track.
    The 2008 Dodge Ram 4.7 is 4874 lbs curb weight and has a 310 Net HP engine making 330 ft/lbs of torque. My engine dyno'd 258.3 RWHP and 290 RWTQ in 3rd gear (1.39:1) BONE stock and was still climbing when it hit the speedlimiter at 105 MPH (5,800 rpm, stock peak is 5,950). With the baseline set, I have slowly made mods and made a couple of more dyno's.
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