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  • Alright I figured, we'll I'm just trying to figure out a way to wire mine up to a switch since I have a manual transfer case now, do you or anyone you know on here know how it works as per wiring it?
    Hello, saw you had talked about front actuator problems, did you
    Get a cable kit for your old chevy or your newer gmc? I have been looking for a cable style for NBs trucks but couldn't find anything just figure I'd ask you thanks
    hey, what is the setup on your truck with the air screen on the grille, i like the stance, tires, etc. im about to pit the safari concept on my truck, any advice will be just fine.
    Hey, I noticed you posted on NHurless93 thread about his speedo acting up and to replace the VSS as it effects the speedo and cruise. My dad has got a 90 Z71 with over 300,000 miles on it and his cruise quit working some time ago. I was going to mess with it sometime and see if I could get it working again. Do you think that the VSS could be bad? I thought I would ask you cause I see you post a lot of things so I figured you must know a lot about these trucks. Thanks
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    86 ShortWide
    92 Blue
    TBI Rebuild and Ultimate MODS
    Bush Tour 2007
    07 CLassic
    Why do you make things difficult. They don't.need a.suspension geometry lesson. He wants to know what up and down does and.how to.accomplish that. Is that so difficult for you. And don't write things like wow don't pm him. That's flaming.and.is not tolerated here. Are you a flamed or what.
    I have had three trucks done by MGS Custom Tune in Courtice Ontario l know he covers everything from 1996-2010 There is a big advantage using a local tuner for any modifications . I am sure he would work out a Deal just like Blackbear if things do not work out. www.mgscustomtune.com
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