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  • No unfortunatly I don't have it anymore I totaled it back In February of this year thanks to a drunk driver it really made me sick when they told me it was too far gone that truck was my pride and joy and I still really miss it...Then I had to get another truck so I ended up geeting a brand new 2009 Silverado ext cab with the 4.8 in and I am slowly staring to get use to this one I have done some things to the new one and it is starting to feel more like mine now.....the wheels I had on my other truck were MB Motoring I got them as Discount Tire!
    hey man, i dont know it you care or remember helpin me out a on picking out an exhaust in about april, but i just wanted to give ya a lil update. i did go and get later in april. true dual 24in glasspacks. i rode with that until today, i had decided a while back that it just wasent loud enough for my liking. so now have same true dual setup exept i have 12 inch glasspacks. and i love em. loud but not too bad in the cab. (funny thing is, i didnt even know i had true duals until today when i had this done. i didnt pay attention the first time :lol:) anyway. just wanted to let you know cuz without your advice i would have this setup. thanks again :thumbup:
    Thanks man, should have the exhaust done in a month, hopefully, i will try to post under one of the thrush welded threads
    Hey man im starting to get all my exhaust parts together, decided to get LT headers with thunderbolt cats and new 4" tips, see how that will do.

    Quick question though, im getting these headers http://www.summitracing.com/parts/PSM-72C2260/

    What diameter size should i get for the thunderbolt cats? Im buying two of them, think it will be worth the money?
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