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  • hey my name is andrew. I have a 98 ecsb 4x4, i saw you have a 3in body lift with 35 km2's. I am trying to figure out if I got a 4in rough country lift if I could clear a 35. there are alot of trucks like mine in suffolk, that have 6in lift with 35s. I don't want to be like all the others. any advise, and i am not really into cutting on my truck so i am hoping if i have to trim it will be very little.
    Cool sounds like as soon as I get my body lift I got my tire size choice. Thanks a lot. By the way where do I get a midwest chapter decal? Or is MN not included?
    I see, the trim isn't really that noticable. Also wondering did you regear with the 36s? Just curious as to how bad it would be if i didn't for a while with 3.73s. Also what mileage do you get with your truck? Sorry about all the dumb questions your just one of the few guys that are running something close to the setup I want to run.
    I like your truck man it looks sweet, even better that you actually use it. Thinking of running 35s with a 3in body lift and a little crank. But I am wondering how much trimming you had to do.
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