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  • Ok, great. Ya I have seen the 4wd switch frequently when I was a tech working on gm trucks. I just didnt see anything else in the shop.
    Hello. I seen your truck that you had for sale and had some questions if you dont mind. I am going to purchase a 2500HD diesel but a ccsb. Was there anything you noticed with the truck for issues or to watch for? I know the suspension is different than my year of tahoe, and the entire interior and controls are completely different. Anything maybe with the 4wd or instrument cluster? Thank you.
    Hey Stratosman, I tried looking through your threads but couldn't find anything, I wanted to know what kind of brushguard you had and how much it was?
    Thank you
    you have to be a supporting member to add attachments, but even then nobody does it that way---everyone uses a site like photobucket and just links the pics to here because when you upload an attachment it appears as a thumbnail instead of fullsize
    Are you posting in the whatever section? Posts there don't count. It helps keep people out who just want to BS their way to 50 posts so they can sell something. I'd have 25,000 posts if those counted.
    Just out of curiosity.. I have 31 posts when i search my CP. Then when i look into my post count on a thread is only says 15? Been socializing and posting but it's not getting put onto my post count?
    you're one of the moderators, right?

    if so, how do you attach an image from your hard drive in a post?
    You must first host the image on a photo site, like photobucket, and then paste the image url in the body of the thread message. Supporting members can upload direct from the computer, but the image then appears as a thumbnail, so the hosting site method is still better.
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