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  • With that many miles on it in a 4x4, I doubt if there's much life left on those clutches and band. Unless those miles were primarily highway cruising.
    If I were you, I'd pull it when you do the motor swap and send it off for a heavy duty rebuild. Any decent shop I'd recommend will do the HD2 kit or equivalent as part of that rebuild anyway. And they'll do a lot more than just replace wear items and seals. With that mileage, stuff like the pump and valvebody (worn bores, etc.) will need attention too.
    Where are you located? I'll see if any of the good shops are near you.
    Hi Joe,
    sorry I just now saw notification for your message. I didnt even know this feature existed on this forum!
    1st of all, steer clear of Monster; their track record is not good. Depending on where you're located, I can point to a handful of builders around the country that can build a 4L60E to last. and there are ONLY a handful.
    How many miles on your tranny? original factory build? do you have the HD2 kit installed already? what type of use/service history? fluid appearance? how does it shift currently? stock programming? what year is it?
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