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  • Well, thats happening here in newcastle.
    Its really dumb, its like cool, I'll ask them how to do something, and I can tell they are so competely full of ****.
    yeah trust me i know what you mean growing u in blanchard i went through the same thing, they would have a brand new truck and everything would be done to it and try and claim they did everything to it
    I lived in okc lol,
    unfortunately i'm out in newcastle now.
    Theres not a whole lot of people here that are into the whole street truck scene.
    If they are, its the rich kids that buy the trucks lowered with rims and a system, and they are always a v6
    then they brag like they know everything cause they have a nice truck,
    Everyone else besides them is all into offroading and stuff, cause theyre all rednecks lolll
    i used to have a hook up up there but i havent done any buisness with them in a while so i dunno anymore, but they do awsome work
    yeah ive helped bag about 4 or 5 trucks, and have lowered and helped lower about 6 differant trucks, and helped do about 6 systems, but i usually have advantage audio here in norman do my audio work. The most ive done to any engines is basically just bolt in stuff like cold air intakes and stuff like that so i dont have alot of experience in that department
    trust me im no guru either lol, ive never done an engine swap before but i have some friends that have before and they said they would help out also, but its always good to have some extra hands lol. Ive only done mostly suspension stuff and a lil audio work. Do you ever go up to 39th street on saturday nights, and cruise?
    dont worry it will def be a thread on here if or when i go that route, and since your just in newcastle i might have you help if your willing
    awsome ive never had a truck with more than 70,000 miles before so i wasnt sure, and thats between the 4 rides that ive had so far. as long as it lasts long enough for me too save the money to get an LS2 and tranny from a GTO and put it in the hoe
    did you have any problems with anything mechanically with it, anything i should be expecting thats common problems with the tahoes
    yeah ive been racking my brain trying to think about but im still gonna try and get the hatch style if i can. How many miles did you have when you found yours, most of the ones im finding are 100,000 plus miles
    oh and im looking for the 96-99 tahoes because of the interior, and id rather have the barn doors if theres a shave kit for the hinges
    yeah im the same way about the five spoke wheels, and yeah theres a 5 lug rear disc conversion on the site here somewhere i came across it the other night. but i already have the wheels i want picked out for whenever i finally can get the tahoe
    yeah i know what you mean, the only thing i dont like is the hinges if theres a way too shave those id like them better, and im looking to get a 96-99 the ones that have the newer dash in them., im gonna do a six lug conversion on it and all kinds of stuff i have a huge list of stuff i wanna do too it though
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