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    tbi air cleaner stud

    looking for the single s shaped stud to fit 91 tbi 350. for some reason all I find around here are the double stud setups.
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    got some parts from him for my son's truck. good communications and great deal on price.
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    air cleaner setup

    looking for the complete stock setup for a 91 tbi 350 everything from fender to throttle body
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    88-94 maroon interior parts

    looking for the top part of the dash, overhead console, and dash mounted pull out cup holder maroon for a 91. also need a glove box door color doesn't matter just need the inside piece. any other maroon interior parts hit me up.
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    Edelbrock pro-flo xt manifold

    looking for the manifold to fit a 98 454.
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    17" SS wheels

    just seeing what might be out there. @ 1996 impala ss 17x8.5 wheels.
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    4.3 to 5.7

    sorry to beat a dead horse guys. i've searched back and just not finding what i'm looking for. want to take my son's '96 w/ 4.3 and swap to 96-99 5.7. i want to be sure when i find a donor truck that i get everything off that i need the first go round. not looking to swap for tbi or ls motor...
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    95-up door panels

    looking for a pair of blue door panels with roll up windows
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    son's '96 chevy

    picked up this truck last summer as a project for my son for when he gets his learners permit this summer. '96 4.3 with rubber floors and roll up windows. has just under 300k on the clock but body is in good shape. progress has been a little slow (waiting to get shop put up soon) but it's...
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    '08 chevy tail light

    friend of mine needs the pass side tail light for an '08 crewcab vortec max. thanks.
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    '96 Chevy parts

    looking for cowl induction hood and complete set of center caps (caps and black plastic lug nut covers) for the chrome 454 ss wheels.
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    calling all obs parts hounds

    looking for some parts for a '96 excab base model w/ blue interior. will update list as I buy stuff or find other things I need. thanks in advance. all 4 ac dash vents 60/40 bench seat (has vinyl, if you have cloth I would like to get the rear bench too) long overhead console lowering...
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    xd revolver 18x9 6 lug

    chrome finish. minor pitting on wheels no rash. $300 pickup only. post pics as soon as possible.
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    obs stepside bed

    have this bed left over from an earlier project. gonna be building a house soon so the wife says it has got to go. overall good shape, needs some glass work on driver fender below the taillight. looking for $200 or even trade for a decent cast iron jambalaya pot with stand.
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    obs drop hanger

    friend of mine is looking for a set a belltech hangers to fit a '94 reg cab.