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  • 3" BL 03-05, still have it? Was listed a while ago but It didnt say it sold in thread. Delete some of your pm's so I can contact you.
    yeah, I have all the Moates stuff, APU1 and Tunerpro rt. Waiting to hear back from a tuner guy right now, i want to see what he does, just to give me a baseline to learn what needs to be done.
    Oh no its been an on goin slow deal that takes a long time and im still not there yet. Im runnin tunerpro RT on a laptop with a romulator for real time tunning. Im lookin to get a dyno tune soon. But it runs off the stock 730 ecm. moates.net is where i got the tuning parts for the ecm and laptop.
    jimsperformance.com rebuilt the harness off my v6 to work with the v8tpi. The truck was a v6 5spd and its not a v8 700r4 auto. The color is factory paint never been repainted. The wheels are http://www.billetspecialties.com/ 17x9.5s and 17x11. custom made for the truck but they dont make that style anymore. The TPI was a blueprinted crate motor that i droped in the truck with a "730" 90-92 camaro ecm.
    hey tpichevy i like the looks of your truck, is that a factory gm color,also love the look of the rims and tire's who makes them, one more question i have a 90 tpi off a vette was wondering if you had any problems installing your setup, like with the computer/wiring harness, i've been trying to find a simple plug harness that will work with the 5.7 any idea's.jerry04

    Hey man...Just got your message...I am still interested in your SLP setup....The zip is 76051...Grapevine, Texas....Let me know

    Hey tpichevy your truck looks great and i really like the performance mods. I am new to the site and have a question i think you can answer if you have the time. After searching many post i saw that a while back you had a shifter cable break due to routing. I am having the same problem. I am trying to install a B&M prostick in a obs rcsb with a 496 ci and a 700r4. the truck used to be a 5 speed so there is a big hole in the floor and i still cant get it to work right. If you could be so kind as to maybe give me a brief description of how you ran the cable that would be great.
    Thank you for you time
    god.. i love your truck! awsome setup of styling, and performance lol ifavorite one of your videos on photobucket... i still think your grill should get colour matched i love phantom grilles!!!
    i'm lovin the wheels on your chevy man. what brand are they, and how wide are they. staggered figment? wouldn't mind running that wheel on my obs gmc.
    it was not that bad at all to install and i got the shell/grille and headlight resess kit all together from stylinconcepts.com a few years back.

    not sure of the color code but its stock i know that much!
    How hard was your Phantom Grille to put in and did you buy the shell and all or just the insert and where did you get it from im thinking of getting one...
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