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  • Ok, so I come to this forum, sign up, then I am not able to log in easily because there is an ad over the log in boxes at the top of the page. So, I decide it might be worth the $12 to remove the ads. Now I am not able to post in any of the forums, I keep getting a message saying a mod has to review my post.

    It seems like this is a pretty nice place to be a part of, if you can ever get in, and I would like to hang around but I am starting to think, maybe I want my $$ back!!

    Ok, rant off....thanks for listening.

    Hi, I read in a couple posts after doing some searches that you do (or did) custom door panel work. I was wondering if you still do and if so if you would be interested in doing some door panels for my 93 silverado and what they would cost.
    Some guy is sending me animal pron on my PM messages. ReverendWoody or some azzhole name like that. I want this guy's nuts on a block. Any information is appreciated.
    This is directed to Forum Mods----when I open the Home page there is no area to log into,--I have to search as visitor until I get to a notice that I cannot post as a guest, and there is a log in box there----seems an odd set up
    sorry about the triple topic post my computer went haywire and did it could you delete the to that i just edit to oops
    hello, my id on here id Davis_06z71. I was wondering if you can delete a thread I started or close the thread. Deleting would be my choice if it can be done. The thread title is 4L60E Class Action Suit. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for you time.
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