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    DynaTrac Pro Stear Balljoints 03-08 AAM

    Brand new in the box and never used. With shipping I have $638 into them. $550 shipped for the set of 4
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    This would pretty much need to be a local deal because I am wanting to trade my already cut differential for your stocker once the lift is on because my dad needs one back. I have a 6" Tuff Country that came off my truck. Nothing wrong with it but the kicker braces and shocks could use painted...
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    It was dusty so we took it in the lake

    Thought the heavy surf from the wind today would bathe it well :crazy: photos by Ashley:head:
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    Cutouts are on

    Not great pics but goddammit the windchill was like 30 below. Ill get more later
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    New Rims (shi**y pics)

    17x10 Black Mazzi Hulks no trimming no rubbing this is with GMFS member KBracing96. 1/2 ton 4wd Turbo'd sleeper :) and yes he lives only a block over.
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    Lift install pics/Finished pics

    Instead of posting the pics Ill just link to them as they are huge. 6" Tuff Country 37x13.5r17 Toyos 17x8.5 Weld Evos Lift Pics. Yes I didnt take alot and I just gave up after a while Finished Pics...
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    Critique my sigs

    Just let me know what you think of them and what you like or dislike about them. I havent been doing it long and Im not very creative:crazy:
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    FSC Logo

    Does anyone have the logo in the form that I have the GMFS logo? If you do I would really appreciate a copy of it:FSCrules:
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    Why you dont fire the unstable guy...

    This is what happens when you get a pissed off employee with keys to the trackhoe... ugh ****ing censorship. put "f u c k" into the links instead of the ****
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    Photoshop Problem

    every time I use the magnettic lasso tool and outline anything big it turns the whole program red (it would be white if that was my color setup) but I can still see the lasso line but not the pic. can anyone tell me WTF is going on here? its really pissing me off
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    My truck in the snow

    Ill just be lazy and quote myself from GMFS:tongue:
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    Upgraded: 17x10 Welds and 35x12.5 PJs

    Well I got a deal off of ebay on some used rims and tires so I thought I would roll on the used PJs for a while. These ****ers are huge but the rims tuck a bit so Im not rubbing though they are about 2" taller than the claws. And I love the rims. Sorry for the quallity my new phone takes worse...
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    This ones for Belmont *my cali-max*

    Im already around 1"-2" cali anyway but with a John Deere 4250 engine in it look at how cali it can be hahaha
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    Blacked bumper pics on request...

    Ive had a few people ask me about my bumper pics so here you go. I just scartched the bumpers up and sprayed them. not the best job but I dont really care. They look good even up close.:rocking:
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    Snow Mudding we couldnt get it out with a 98 Z71 so my brother had to hit it a few times with his duramax:patriot: