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  • well im still looking for that door panel :D lol sadly. there was a kid on here that ripped me and someone else out of our money so i never got it
    hey man did you ever get the 8 inches on? ive got a 74 k20 and trying to see how she would sit with 8 inches
    how are the junkyards around you? pull yourself? good pricing? etc im currently on the look for a 91-94 full power driverside gray door panel
    hey man , im interested your axle , problem is im broke as a joke right now, if you are in no hurry i can get that axle from you after new years tho, this weekend im driving to council bluffs to pick up a new motor for my truck, then next weekend in xmas and the weekend after is new years, so the weekend after that i could come pick it up if u can hold on to it that long, i would rather just have an axle that the work has been done with already,let me know
    if you search my posts on Offroad and Classic, you'll see some, I link them, but I'm currently on my way home from Afghanistan.
    hey bro...any chance youve got a few pics of you 84? ive got one myself...longbed k10 and im looking to lift, just havent decided on a height..thanks man
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