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  • Saw the thin blue line. Loved your quote.

    Texas Highway Patrol
    Trooper Boultinghouse
    I love the head unit its a nice slick setup. I'll def. check out that website I've got an older alpine V12 5 channel so im going to go with a single sub setup. Just gotta get up the funds the paint work for my flares, bumpers and etc drained me for a bit.
    Do you have a sub setup in your crew cab? I've not seen a whole lot of pictures in the nnbs. I put a component setup in my doors (6 1\2's and tweeters and 6 1\2's in the back) but I really wanna do some subs I just dont wanna loose my back seat, and want more than just some MTX thunder form. Any feedback would be appreciated.
    very cool,
    Definitley keep me in mind, I need to do something about these rims/tires or find a cheap way to lift this avy, I love the big tires but didnt anticipate these things rubbing like they are, do you know of any shops in md that do body lifts?
    hoping to do some wheelin here in a bit, you look more adult as am i, 42 yrs young :) and havent grown up, if your a rausch creek kinda guy, i wont be going back there for awhile, but if you do something a bit lress rocky, i may be down.
    thanks again for the welcome, sometimes it is a crap shoot to do the intros due to lack of response.
    Dan / Dano / shytown
    I've been looking for a lift for my truck but dont know how high i want to go. I was wondering if you knew the heights of your front and rear wheel wells. I just want an idea how high a 6" lift and 35's would be.
    hey i was just wondering today about the sticker in your avatar, where do you get those and what are they for???? i see them all over down here in florida im just wondering.
    yeah thanks, i really wanna go with Superlift but i talked to the guys at ultimateautoaccessories.com and they told me that the Superlift leafs have been on backorder for almost a year and that Superlift kits don't offer Bilstein shocks as an option??? so now i think i might have to do the BDS instead .........
    You got a really sweet truck man, all the goodies i want on mine! I know from your posts you're partial to BDS and Superlift. Which do you think would be the better deal if i were to go with leaf springs in the rear instead of blocks? The prices are pretty competitive so it comes down to build quality and C.S. I also noticed that SL. has a backspacing of 5.5" to 6" where BDS is 5" to 5-3/4", i'm not really sure if it matters on the min. bs. but the wheels i'm using are 18x10 with 5" bs. and -12mm offset (wrapped in 325/60r18 nitto a/t).
    I have an 08 vmax. I'm looking at having it dyno tuned to get rid of the torque management. Does the tuning make much of a difference? Also, I think you have one of the nicest set up trucks I've seen. What size are your rims?
    What brand wheels do you have?

    Also, what brand tonneau cover did you get for your truck?

    They both look nice..
    Hey I saw the pics you posted of the white Silverado Ext Cab with the lift. i have a few questions about the truck if you dont mind
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