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    Rough Country 4" Spindle Lift OBS 2WD

    This is the same kit that I have for sale. This is brand new. I bought it several months ago and totaled my truck Thursday. I would prefer to meet someone FTF, within a few hours of Wichita, KS, but I will ship on your dime. $400obo Zach
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    I'm Back!!

    I've been gone for a few months slowly working on my truck. I have quite a large stack of parts building up in my apartment but hopefully they will be on the truck by the end of the summer. I am picking up my truck from the body shop tonight, hopefully, after getting some hail damage fixed and I...
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    OBS Center Console Latch

    I need the latch assembly with the lock cylinder and hopefully keys. I also need the piece that the lock holds on to that is attached to the console. Grey 92-94 style Zach
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    1964 GMC PU Shortbed

    $7200 OBO 1964 GMC PU Shortbed/ Shortbox 383 stroker motor with 350 turbo transmission, motor has 2400 miles none have been on the track Pistons: SRP, forged File fit 9.8 to 1 (64cc) Crank: Cast/ steel crank Cam Shaft: Howards Cams (Intake-.467 Valve lift and 292 degrees of duration...
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    Spring Turkey Hunting

    I went turkey hunting last weekend and decided to take some pics of where we hunt. Feel free to post your own pics too. Zach
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    Transparent layer

    I've switched to using GIMP for my photo editing and I can't seem to find a file format that will save my new sig with the transparent layer, all of them that I have tried change it to white. Any ideas? Zach
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    Made a huge mistake

    I washed the truck the other day and took some pics after. Then started messing around with Corel Paint Shop. It makes me want a RCSB with a 4/6 drop. Zach Original Edited
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    Tried making my own, need opinions

    I tried making my own sig, let me know what you think and any ideas to make it better. Zach
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    FSC Logo

    I've been searching for about an hour now but I cannont seem to find a copy of the FSC logo to use in sigs. Zach
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    Wheel Pic Request

    I cant decide between these three. I need some pics please. If they were on an obs that would be good too. Zach
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    Stock OBS headunit w/ CD

    I am looking for a stock aux cd that goes in the hole below the heater controls, and any wiring that I would need to do the swap. Option two a stock radio that already has the cd. Zach