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  • can you send me some pictures of the 1 inch body before and after? i know there isn't much visual difference with the whole truck, but i want to see how it will look with the bumpers in the stock location with the 1 inch body lift... zigsz71@yahoo.com THANKS!!
    I order the 1 inch blocks from 4wheelsparts I order 6 1x3 for the cab and 6 1x3 for and 2 1x2 for the bed! the 1x2 are for the bed mounts right behind tires! but that is for a sclb! For the bolts I just went to a local hard wear store with a couple of the stock bolts and ask for ones that were 1 inch longer! everything had enough slack so I did't extend anything. the only thing you might have to do is trime the bottom of the fan shroud! I did't worry about the bumpers cause you can't really tell there is any bl at all! hope that helps.
    did you make or buy your one inch body lift? i was looking for one cause i need a little more clearance. how did you modify the steering and other stuff? or was there enough play in the hoses and wiring? just dont want the look of a 3 inch body lift.thanks!
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