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    A new Chevy Truck has been created in the garage!

    SneakyZ has created a new vehicle in the garage. Go check out their 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT!
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    Need a tail light-'04 Sierra

    I'm looking for a stock passenger side tail light for my new truck-had the truck for 5 days, and was washing it, found the stock tail wiggling-both mounting tabs are broken off. Anyone have one they want to part with? I'd be willing to buy both lights if the price is right. Let me know what...
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    '67-'72 trailing arm dimensions

    Ok, now I wish I kept my '67 when I had it! I'm looking for the length of the control arms for the longbed and shortbed trucks if anybody knows what they may be. Bolt center to center would be great. I used to have a set of trailing arms laying around, but unfortunately, I sold 'em. I'm...
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    Pics of my '96 finally w/new 178's

    Finally got around to snapping a few pics of my '96 with the new wheels/tires I picked up last month. The wheels are Eagle 178's in an 18x9 with 275/65/18 Goodyear AT/S tires. I like 'em so far, picked them up from hatchetman for a good price. Let me know whatcha think.
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    12 second 1993 Camaro Z28-many mods, great shape

    Well, it's time for me to move on to another project, so this one has to go. It's my 1993 Z28 350 LT1, 6 speed, PS, PB, PW, PDL, AC, Recent paint with painted hugger orange stripes, graphite cloth interior, JVC head unit with 12 disc CD changer, White face gauges, Autometer Phantom fuel...
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    Cleaning out garage-OBS parts inside

    Well, since I have a truck that doesn't need much work now, I have some parts to get rid of. Here's what I have: '88-'95 Throttle body-was planning on using it for a spare in case I bored my original one out too far, but I didn't. I DON'T know what injectors are in it; I just remember pulling...
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    Nice 8' bed, 88-98, with tailgate and bumper

    Well, since I traded my old truck (which had more holes in it than a spaghetti strainer), I have no use for the 8' bed that I bought for it. It's in good condition, with some scratches from normal use. No rust! Tailgate latch works good, and the tailgate is straight. The bumper is in fair...
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    Guage cluster

    Anyone have a guage cluster from a 92 FSC they are looking to unload? I'm tired of my piss-poorly lit guages in my 88. Show me what you got. Thanks!
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    Finally got a! Can't wait to tear it apart!

    Well, I finally picked up my first fullsize Chevy. I bought an '88 Silverado 4x4 yesterday. It's an old farm truck, 305 TBI, and 242k miles on the clock. Motor/tranny have about 80k on them according to the old fart that sold it to me. Runs like a clock too. I can't wait to tear it apart...