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    how long will a v6 to v8 motor swap take for a novice?

    Want to swap my 4.3 out for a 4.8-6.2. Did all my research, just time to save some money. pretty mechanically inclined but never hoisted a motor out before. Swapped the motor in my VW Bug but it really didn't teach me much about doing it in my NBS since it drops out through the bottom and...
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    Feeler - 1999 NBS ECSB 1500

    Just seeing if there's any interest. My grandpa bought the truck new off the lot in cash, put 30,000 miles on it and sold it to my mom in '07. My mom drove it until March '10 and sold it to me with 42,000 miles. I have ALL the receipts for work done to the truck while they've owned it - mostly...
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    TSL 35x14.50x15 Super Swampers w/ Cragar D-Windows

    Came off my XJ Jeep. Selling these separate. I used them around the yard/short trips/in the woods. They're pretty slick in the middle but still have some meat on the edges. You probably won't get too many daily driver miles out of them but it'd be a good spare set or just for the wheels ...
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    Cleaned my engine bay.

    I like to follow the 4WD guys as best I can ... I usually do pretty good but: 1) I always get put in between two trucks incase I get stuck, I've got two trucks ready to pull me out ... I get slung with mud from the front. 2) I've got to go faster to not get stuck ... self explanatory. But...
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    Feeler - 1999 ECSB W/T

    I've been throwing around the idea of selling but I'm still not sure - but I'd like to see what would be a good asking price. I was going to swap for a 6.0L but I could take the money I have saved up and buy something with a 6.0L and 4x4 which is what I really want. :cool: My grandpa bought it...
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    Spent some time with my (slightly dirty) truck.

    Exhaust: Exhaust in cab @ WOT (hilly road, not a real speed test or anything, just for exhaust). Crappy HDR attempt:
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    Any takers? $500. Lifted 1988 Jeep XJ Cherokee

    FIRST. The guy that owned it before me rigged the lift. I wouldn't drive it on the road if you paid me. The thing is scary. The really only thing you should use this Jeep for is parts. Hence the price. I do have the title. I'm in Monroe NC, Jeep is in Jefferson SC. I am firm on the price...
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    Anyone run 35x14.50s?

    I just like the look of a wider tire. My XJ Jeep runs 35x14.50s, and I've got an old bald set of 35x12.50s and it just looks better with the 14.50s. My plan is to keep it stock (it's a '79 K10) other than getting rid of the rake (HELP? I want to be able to lift it more too without back tracking...
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    What's involved in a LS swap ('79)

    I'm going to be picking up a '79 RCSB K10 here soon. It's got a nice running 350 on it that I'll run for a while. I was going to swap to a 454 since it's essentially drop in, but what would be needed to mount a 5.3L or 6.0L?
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    How big of tires w/o a lift on a '79?

    I don't know much about it, other than it's a '79 Scottsdale, new tires, new carb, locker in the rear, tuned up, 89,000 original miles and two same-family owners, and he wants to trade for my Jeep. Without a lift, what kind of tires could I stuff under there? And what would be the best way to...
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    1988 Jeep XJ Cherokee - Lifted, 35s - $1300

    I traded one toy for this one. I like it a lot ... but I can't afford it. I don't know much about it because I haven't really dove into it much. I just drive it around my uncle's property to keep it from sitting. Help me pay back college loans. :mushy: 4.0L I6 - 200K miles. AW4 Auto Trans...
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    WTT: 18" Nissan Titans + BFGoodrich Longtrail 265/60/18

    It's a long shot. I bought these 18" Titans from ilikedirt, prepped them, painted them black, and was waiting and saving money for a 4/6 drop. Decided I'm going to lift instead, and I like smaller wheels on lifted setups. They're currently mounted on my truck so ideally I'd like to meet at a...
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    Pics of NBS 3/6 drop with 18" wheels?

    Yes, I looked in the "Post Your Setup" thread and didn't find anything. Just looking for a NBS with a 3/6 drop with 18s (Titans would be great). Wanting to see what the stance would be like before I dump money into a drop ... don't want to do the drop, hate it with 18s, and have to fork money...
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    35x12.50x15 tires.

    Just bought an '88 Jeep XJ with 35s. Tires might as well be slicks, though. I don't mind going a bit bigger or a bit smaller, but I definitely want local. I'm in Monroe, NC (28112) and only looking to travel about 200 miles tops, and that's if it's a decent deal. I'm not in a rush, though. It...
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    Silverado wheels & tires

    Newish tires (around 12K on them) and stock wheels off a 1999 Silverado. They were painted gloss black ... take a water hose to them and they'll look good. I do have the center caps, but they're not pictured. All are Michelin LTZ 255/70/16 tires (three are S/T and one is an A/T, but they're...
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    '99(+?) manual window handle.

    I had to take mine off to get the door panel off. I couldn't get the clips back on, so I figured I'd wait until I had to go to work so I would have the right tool instead of a screw driver. I ended up losing one of them before I even got to work. :chair: Anyone that has one, let me know what...
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    Took some pictures of a buddy's 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

    Came out pretty good. First time using this camera on manual settings and actually trying instead of just taking pictures at parties and such. Came out pretty good. Then one of my truck and my poor poor bumper. Damn Bambi.
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    Someone make me a nice signature?

    At least ones better than what I can do? :read: The only pictures I have that are pre-deer-hit and post-black-wheels are: :thumbup:
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    Pictures of a leveled 2WD?

    Going to get lift springs put in my NBS. As it sits now, it's a TAD over 2" higher in the back (like 2.1", 2 1/4" at the most) and I want to put 2" lift springs in the front. When it says 2" lift springs, is that generally accurate? I'd be kind of pissed if I slap them in and get like an inch...
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    Someone Photoshop this truck for me? Simple stuff, I swear.

    I'm away from home and only have a netbook with no Photoshop. Someone mind whipping something up for me? Things I plan on doing: - Wheels painted black. - Windows tinted. - Taillights smoked. - "Halo-Ring" headlights - since you can't really see them, just smoking them a bit would probably...