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    Need input on new camera selection

    I am starting to look into the possibility of buying a new camera. I am sifting through the current technology and am at the point that I'd like someone's opinion on them. I am thinking about spending up to $700.00. Because I can get a discount on Sony I am leaning on that brand unless they...
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    Chuck Bunyon

    Sig removed. 800 x 150. I swear that it has been removed before. :dunno: Thread started so we have a record of his shenanigans. :thumbup:
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    For the Euro Trash and Ricers of FSC
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    Interesting issue for Matty and Jim I'd just tell him not to post from his phone and be done with it. :whacko: You guys might be willing to look a little deeper into it. :aniteef:
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    Banned him for a day to make a point that he spout off at the mouth any more. He bashed Andy, Honey Bear's brother, and now mouthing off to me. If he does it again I'll make it longer or perma ban. :thumbup:
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    Pink name???

    Another female member. :thumbup:
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    I do not think that this is a good idea

    What about you guys. As usual there are a few members pushing the limits. Thoughts?
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    New Shovel

    Great shovel, smooth handle, gets dirt out of a hole
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    Was anyone asked if this is cool?

    Did Tim ask anyone if this was ok to create the thread?
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    the_husk and his friends banned 7 days

    I sent him a PM today to knock it off. I then searched and told him the same thing a week ago. So I banned him 7 days!
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    Dallas is back

    I banned him just for a day since he was on the site at the time. Anyone allow him to come back and post?
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    Hold Down The Fort!

    I am away for two days so you guys will have to deal with the Spammers without me. :aniteef: In-N-Out for dinner tonight. :yumyum:
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    A lot of spammers the last few days.

    Any thoughts of closing registration for a few days or other action taken? I must have banned 8 myself the last 2 days. All IPs are different.
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    Z71 Joe

    I got this PM this morning. I am surprised that the guy has been here since 2004 and spamming his site. Should the guy be banned?
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    Grill Bumpers Lights Billet, 1,000,000,000 (1 Billlion Dollars!)

    I have a bunch of parts that I am selling. It is all for a 1998 Silverado. Stock Corner Lights Stock Head Lights Stock Turn Signals Black paint bumper with license plate holder Stock license plate holder Stock Chrome Grill Clear Corners Billet Bow-tie Stock Bow-tie Billet...
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    Mr Chevy/Monte

    I was thinking that Monte was a new member that jumped in head first. I got a PM from :bhb: Turns out that he is Mr Chevy that was banned a few months ago. Signed up with a new name but same IP. Any chance on a ban to hid IP
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    Mr. Chevy, Banned For LIFE!

    Tired of his sh!t and bashing members. He said that he would watch it and he has not. You bash a member of the military in my book and you do not deserve to stay. :bye:
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    Advertizing under user name.... I can't delete this. Matty?
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    GreaseDog and bonedust given warnings.... They went at each other last night on the 6th and 7th pages of this thread. If anyone thinks that they should be banned rather than warned let me know and I will do the deed. :thumbup:
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    IP Ban? I doubt that there are other members in china on this IP. For some reason they are coming back from...