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  1. J

    Clifford, my CCLB 2002 2500HD

    Back in the spring, I bought a 1998 K2500 to replace my old tow rigs, a 2012 gasser and 2007 diesel Ram's. i used ot phaul vehicles, flip, and part them out, even owned a small car lot at one point. Now I only haul my own junk around, so I hoped to get out from under these trucks that were...
  2. J

    I'm J.R.

    Some of you may know me from other forums, like I have a 79 C10 stepside with a 400, a 98 K2500 RCLB 5.7 Vortec truck, and more recently a 02 CCLB 2500 HD with the 8.1/Allison.