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  1. JCribb

    JCribb's 94 ECSB Z71

    I bought this in August 2015. 94 Extended cab 5 speed Z71 I got it stock condition, ugly stock wheels etc. I took care of the ugly gold paint (two toned the paint) with bedliner material. Updated lights all around, updated wheels twice. updated mirrors interior update old...
  2. JCribb

    My 94 ECSB Z71 build

    I picked this truck up at the end of August for $3k. Seller tried blowing smoke up my ass telling me the truck had a crate motor with 100k miles on it, that turned out to be a total load of crap. I picked it up with 270k miles, it now has 275k miles as of Wednesday 12/23/15. What it looked...
  3. JCribb

    A new Chevy Truck has been created in the garage!

    JCribb has created a new vehicle in the garage. Go check out their 1994 Chevrolet K1500 Silverado!
  4. JCribb

    LS swap AND a manual transmission?

    Other than the 4.8 that had a 5 speed available, what about 5.3 or 6.0 swaps KEEPING the manual transmission? I specifically bought this truck for the 5 speed, because automatic sucks, and I have had a few too many quit me, and my last 97 z71 was no exception. The rig 94 ECSB Z71 (build date...
  5. JCribb

    1996 chevy cheyenne RCSB (make offer)

    sold to scrap yard this is the truck that's in my photos. 96 vortec 305, 5 speed 2wd manual windows, locks, has cruise control and after market CD player. Engine is torn apart (have all parts to re-assemble). reason for tear-down is she spit a head gasket back in 12/07 ( I tore apart she...
  6. JCribb

    painted bumpers

    Wanted painted bumpers or good shape work truck bumpers WITHOUT molding holes. (they're goona be rhino lined regardless) I don't want crashed up junk. Looking for painted shell for 94-98 chevy (prefer white) Will trade my chrome stuff if needed. My back bumper is okay not totally FUBAR but it...
  7. JCribb

    87-95 TBI heads

    As the title says...they are from I think a 94 model motor. dunno the miles, they are in good shape. I'd recommend a complete re-build. Only missing two rocker arm nuts, no push rods. Everything else is there. I just want to get rid of these, they're taking up space. junkyards are asking...
  8. JCribb

    WTB 5 lug chevy wheels for OBS

    Looking for some 17 inch wheels with 5 lugs (any style may go)no garbage or F-ed up wheels. Prefer black wheels to go along with my idea in my head. I already have the stock 15 inch steelies so no offers for those
  9. JCribb

    fog light harness

    looking for fog harness that would have been used in tahoe z71 and tahoe limited models (and any others) from 96?-00. I can get the switch, and the lights. Or if anyone has the whole setup let me know with your best price. Switch from LMC truck is 100 and the lights are 70 a side. like I said...
  10. JCribb

    vortec 305 parts wanted

    I have a 96 305. Looking for a pair of good heads, would pay 250 for a set, and maybe a little more if they're rebuilt (It's $518.00 for new ones from advance.) Also looking for a 60/40 split bench in grey for 95-98 truck. My solid bench seat needs a good cleaning and then recovered. My zip...
  11. JCribb

    New from Okla / Ft. Campbell, KY

    Hello I'm Jeremy, born and raised in okla and the army has taken me to some places I'd rather forget. First four years I was at Ft. Drum NY.... not a good place for a country boy.... follwed by a free trip to Iraq and then moved to Ft. Campbell, KY. I am on my 2nd OBS truck. First was 97 Z71...