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    Is anyone even reviewing stuff before the "admin" posts it on FB? Before and after, really? :whatever:
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    Article cut off by ads

    This: is showing up like this for me:
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    Theme options -- FSC Classic Fluid please?

    Something along these lines but with darker shades of gray perhaps? I'd like to see that remain as an option for future updates as well.
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    Color of quoted posts

    Using the FSC2015 (dark) forum skin, quoted posts appear in a whitish box with light gray text. It's almost as if this setting was carried over unchanged from the FSC Light skin. Can the background be changed to a darker gray or black more like it used to be? Also, I've noticed that some of...
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    New F150 flaw?

    Here's an interesting tidbit that could very well knock against sales of the new F-150. :ford:
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    This showed up as a moderated post in the group purchases?? WTF?
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    2014 Silverado concepts bound for SEMA

    Silverado Volunteer Firefighter Concept Silverado Black Ops Concept
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    Gonzalez posting as a vendor.
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    Now accepting pics for the 2013 FSC Calendar!!

    Questions & Answers A #1: Basically the same composition rules that apply for a static shot apply to action shots (lighting, angle, clarity, foreground & background, etc). While a badass burnout hides a vehicle in a dense smoke screen or some heavy mudding action sinks the truck to the...
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    Just an ideaR

    Hey guys, would it be worthwhile to have an exclusive subforum for the vendors to gather in within the Vendor's Marketplace, similar to the Backroom and the Leaders' Lounge for the staff? I'm thinking that this would be useful for addressing their issues, especially if several have the same...
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    Looks like the Chevy Duramax Suburban HD concept is still alive and kicking...

    ...albeit with new paint. As it originally debuted: (From this article: And here it is with new art commemorating Chevrolet's 100th birthday at SEMA this year:
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    This is a bad idea

    Our membership base is too immature and would abuse these features, attracting much unneeded traffic and new member registrations.
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    new news item

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    GMC Sierra Denali HD Wins Edmunds Shootout

    Source: Full story:
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    Advice on fielding this one? (Matty, Doug, Jim?)

    Received this PM: I know there's at least one floating around out there, presumably Doug has it? I didn't want to redirect this guy and put anyone on the spot for an answer, so that's why I'm asking for input. In the meantime, here's the response that I sent back.
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    Hey Matty

    Is this guy legit? He says you OK'd him advertising like this?
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    Hey Jim -- Cool deal on linking to Old Chevy Truck

    How do you plan on showing them? Oh and don't know if you saw it or not, but...
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    Why can't I delete visitor messages off of my own profile?

    I can select the option to delete a message, but there's no button to complete the process.
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    Just banned him for 7 days for spam regarding the log in issue.
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    Should this guy change his username?

    While I agree with him, I don't think it's in our best interest to let it stay as is. GMFS-sucs