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    8. Headbanging Meet, Germany - Rod Race & Show

    Went to a show yesterday and it was really refreshing to hear some nice v8s again :aniteef: there are about 140 pics on my flickr account and i'm just going to post some examples here (thank me 56k!) click the pics to go bigger parking-/campingarea: the actual meet (1958 and older)...
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    small youngtimer meet

    i hope because of the van this this thread qualifies for fsc? :> it's really refreshing to meet up with people that are not obsessed with spoilers and ground effects, but still stray away from the path of only-stock-is-beautiful
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    T56(LT1) for my 98 c1500

    Hi, i'd like to swap a t56 into my 98 c1500 5spd vortec350, so i'm looking for a t56 with all the stuff i need (bellhousing, flywheel, clutchdisk, pressure plate, clutch fork, master/slave cylinders. the whole package except pedal assembly :> ) i'm open to any offers. shipping will be arranged...
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    this could be a nice dd project

    so my girlfriend told me i should rather work on a bigger car, just in case we'd need room for more than just the two of us in the near future (:eek:) so i have been thinking about buying an e30 3-series bmw station wagon and i've been looking at some cars, but none of them met my criteria. so...
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    couple of mods to the daily

    got a new grill and new headlights to replace the aged stock ones. i also had to get a new windshield (which is still waiting to be installed) because of a massive drive-by shooting (stone) oh yeah. rims are new too. whopping 15" 195s :)
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    phantom dually 454ss

    damn, everytime i see those front fender "things" i have to burst out laughing
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    new project

    this should be new to you guys :> it's a 6X (i think 62) simson sr2e. it's been sitting in my grandmas shed for about 25 years now. it's still in great shape. no rust and it only took me like 4 hours of cursing to get it running ;) has a whopping 2hp and goes about 25mph. should be fun for the...
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    any photoenthusiasts here?

    i just wondered if there were some other hobby photographers on fsc :think: for now i'm still stuck with a rebel xt, but gladly my brother lends me his analog slr and his hasselblad once in a while :) here are 2 of my favorite shots there are some more @
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    first pics of the year (56k will die)

    so i finally got around to taking some decent pictures (uh. is it may already?) enjoy
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    the new winter beater

    picked up my new beater today and i'm so happy to have some transportation again (the truck is stored since october) its a 87 vw golf with 90hp. and go figure, the truck is 2wd and the car is 4x4 :>
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    someone was pissed
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    holden efijy - holy dayum [56k beware]

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    Dynamic Image Tutorial - no gif crap

    so i had some people asking me how my sig works and i thought i should write a little tutorial. a single signature was a little plain for me and *.gif was not an option because it sucks (go browse gmfs and you'll notice) my version will bring up a different picture with every load. press f5...
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    need a logo

    i need a logo for a shop. well not really a shop, just the guy that has helped me a lot in the past and i would like to pay him credit/surprise him with a sticker. it should say "Baumann Customs". i've been trying some stuff, but i'm just not creative enough :( i thought about a simple tribal in...
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    mcfly's recent pics

    although my truck and the mods are not as spectacular as most of the others on here i think an all-in-one thread is a good idea. i'm gonna post all the updates anyway, so this way i just post them here and don't create 3245 threads :> click the pics for bigger versions this was the first day...
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    some pics from work [anti-56k]

    my boss races the "el chott" rally (some desert rally in africa) with the black H1. gonna try a bigblock instead of the 6.5diesel this year 26" wheels on stock suspension :puke: but has a whipple and lots of other performance mods
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    need pics of stepside with steel rollpan

    looks like i won't be able to get a smaller license plate so i'm gonna be stuck with getting one with a custom plate box (no stepshave :( ). does anybody have any pics of stepsides with steel rollpans? i'm curious about the seams on the left and the right thx
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    did some anti-aging on the front

    finally got my clear head-/parkinglights. it looks better, but tonight i'll see if it actually works better
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    anyone have that jordan-bird-commercial?

    anyone remember the 93 superbowl commercial where jordan and bird play horse for a bigmac ("over the street, over the river, through the window, nothing but net" something like that). i've been googling for 20 mins, but can't find a download for the life of me. does anyone have it on there hdd...
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    short vid i made

    borrowed my dads cam and filmed some bmx-stuff the last 2 days nothing fancy or extreme