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    Cleaned Up for Senior Pics

    Spent a good chunk of my weekend detailing my truck since I have my senior pictures next Saturday. Full clay, cut, polish and wax. Lots of elbow grease and time but I think it paid off. I would have definitely loved to have a DA. lol. Ran out and snapped some pics last night as the sun was going...
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    Finally cleaned up the other day...

    The weather finally turned around this last week and got rid of all the snow we've had. The roads have about all dried off and we had a few nice days this week so I get the truck cleaned up and took some pics. So, here's the results. Also, these are some of the first pictures I've taken with...
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    Christmas Lights

    I've tried to make sig with the flashing Christmas lights and gotten the lights done fine, but how do you make them flash? If someone could walk me through it or point me to a tutorial I would really appreciate it. I'm using CS4 if that makes any difference.
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    Check out that FSC!
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    My OBS

    Heres my '93 Sierra. Got it a year ago Labor Day. I drove it home, parked it in the driveway and took this pic. The very first thing I did was take the steps off. Here is a pic in the same spot exactly one year later. And here are some other pics from the last year, but most of them are...
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    New(ish) Guy

    Been around for a little while, I decided to start posting some more and introduce myself. This site is the best by far for info and advice for these trucks and it seems like there's a good group of people around. Anyways, I've got a '93 GMC Sierra K1500.
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    Wheel photoshop

    Could someone please put each of these wheels on my truck with maybe some kind of mud terrain tire. Feel free to add a slight lift, like 2-3". Let me know if you need other pics. Thanks in advance!
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    '76 K5 Blazer

    I found this on craigslist today. I can't believe how clean this is, just look at the carpet. Dad says he had one just like it way back when.
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    Clean Up

    I'm new around here but there are some impressive things on this part of the forum. This got me thinking about what my truck would look like cleaned up. So if someone could demold, debadge, etc. my truck that would be awesome. Also feel free to add/remove anything else you can think of...