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    drop shackles

    lookin for some 2" drop shackles that will fit my 07 classic sierra crew cab. (should be the same as 06, 05, etc models.
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    Recent PS's: regular and real toons

    decided to try out another real toon. this time of a viper srt-10. everything has been remade, including rims and headlights. the only part im dissatisfied with are the rims, but i'll try and get them better next time. toon:
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    Create your own planet

    I saw this, tried it out, and figured it was worth sharing. It's kinda nice doin somethin other than trucks every now and then... and here's my attempt:
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    Real Toon

    I decided to try out a "Real Toon". I started off easy and didn't edit the picture before I started. I just wanted to get the process right. The only parts I didn't make were the lights, rims, and chrome part of the bumper. Original: Toon: The edit is of tfunit's truck.
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    Cowl Hood

    I have never seen a tutorial on how to do this. I tried to just select and transfor but it didn't really look right. Am I doing something wrong or is there something more to it?:think:
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    I was wondering what was the best method to make custom graphics. I know this could be a long process, but could someone give a basic "how-to". I'm talkin about tribal designs (or separators, flames, etc.) kinda like the one chuggs put on his non-comp entry for the last contest. I know how to...