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    Ballistic Fab 8-lug 2" wheel spacers

    i have 2 sets to sell. will seperate of sell as a set of 4 all aluminum. 8x6.5. used, but in great condition. $75 a pair or $130 for all 4
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    14" kings, 2.5x4" king bumps, and blue coils

    2x King 2.5"x4" bump stops with weld in mounting cans. custom made aluminum caps for the cans. never been used. couldnt package them how i wanted. paid $280ea for the bumps, $35ea for the cans. asking $460 for all plus shipping. 2x King 14" remote res. never used or installed. went with a...
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    Smittybilt Xrc10 winch. new

    i was going to use this in the rear of my rig, but im going a different direction. never installed/used. new in a sorta dirty box (because its been in my shop for a few years). paid $399.99. asking $300 plus shipping. its located in cleveland, ohio.
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    5x Interco M-16s 40x14.5r-20 tires

    as title says. tires have 400 miles on them. the spare is brand new. going to go bigger. WHEELS ARE NOT INCLUDED AND WILL NOT BE SOLD. PEROID!!! paid $530 ea new. ill take $1500 for the 5. $1300 for 4. you pay shipping. these are located near cleveland, ohio. i would drive 100mi to meet for...
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    Suburban Assult Vehicle v2 Part: 2

    part one can be found here: why part 2? well, part 1 got a bit out of hand with peoples opinion of the time line of this project. and while i appreciate the concern of...
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    FS: 2010 Bear Attack compound bow RH 60lb with extras $550

    2010 Bear Attack 60lb right hand. this bow was used for one canadian bear hunt. it has less than 300 shots thru it. i own and operate a bow proshop so the bow can be set to your specific draw length and have a fresh tune on it before delivery. bow does have a few small nicks on the top limb...
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    1x H2 17x9 alum wheel

    no center cap included, no major flaws on wheel. $50+shipping.
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    2x Hella 4000 Rallye $100

    paid $100ea new. mounted but never wired. new wiring harnesses, clear lenses, black housings, all mounting harware included. $100 for the pair +shipping.
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    JL 500/1 w/ remote level control

    professionally installed and removed. Amp is in perfect working condition. was used to drive a JL TW13 and very normal levels. this amp has never been driven hard EVER. do not have original box or directions. $225 shipped to the lower 48
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    Operation: Halfatruck (side project)

    This is sort of a side project to my main Suburban build, but i thought id post a few pics anyhow. LPGPWRD and i are doing this as a combined effort. basically, i buy parts and dream, and he actually does the work. its a good partnership imo. So we want to build half a truck. lose 1/2 the weight...
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    99-06 Long bed wanted

    for a trailer project we are cooking up. i need a NBS 99-06 8' chevy truck bed. i would prefer it had flares factory installed, but thats not a deal breaker. must be 95% rust free altho a very small amount of body work would be ok. doesnt need to have a tailgate or taillights. any color will do...
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    two tone PS request plz!

    id like to see it 2 ways. first with the top black and bottom OEM color. split similar to this one: second is with the same top color, but the rockers and flares black (line-X'd). also, shaving the rear door handles would be cool too!
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    why a lifted truck and a drop hitch isnt a great plan...

    nice looking truck, blasted drop hitch...
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    pic request: 40's on 20's

    i wish the wheel and tire market wasnt going this direction, but it show me that 40's on 20's look ok and then ill spend lots of money.
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    HD front end on a Suburban...with a twist

    its not 100% done and installed yet, but it looks to good to keep under wraps...the flash doesnt do the carbon fiber justice. its flawless.
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    NBS headlights and running light housings

    take-offs from my old truck 03 Suburban. both are in perfect condition. $80+ shipping for both. will only seperate if offers come if for them seperatly.
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    N-Fabs step nerfs- sealed and Line-X'd

    These were for my 06 Suburban (im sure they will fit many other models as well). the drivers side was installed for 2 weeks, the passanger side is brand new. I had the open ends of these professionally welded closed and Line-X'd with the UV Xtra coating. they are 100% in perfect condition and...
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    Project: Sub Urban Assult v2

    why v2 you ask? cause v1 saw better days... sad days. frame bent in 6 places, completely ripped off both front wheels/suspension/arms/driveshafts, buckled the floor 8" in the cab and pushed the firewall in 10"...but i shall not cry with my giant head buried in a giant pillow. no, i will buy a...
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    Ur doin it rong i had a lady in a taurus pull out in front of me while was doing 60mph. no signal, no waring, nada. i nearly cut her car in half. i literally jumped the back half of her car and lawndarted nose first in the ditch. the airbag went off when i hit her car, but when i hit the...
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    Project: Sub-Urban assult vehicle

    So, here's the deal. I own a gunshop in the Akron Ohio area, and we have been wanting to build a demo vehicle of sorts. Something to attract attention on the local streets, park at gun shows, and take to local car/truck/bike gatherings. We are starting with this: 2003 Suburban 2500 6L...