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    '39 Buick project/restoration

    Car is done....I tried posting photos but the files are too large :-(
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    View Profile: Asafashkenazi - FSC - Chevy Truck Forum
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    another spammer
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    Appears this person may be lost in the interwebs...
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    -sin- posting garbage trying to get count up
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    Looks like DoC52x might be looking to sell something soon...

    putting useless posts in every 2 minutes:
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    1999 SRW RCLB 3500 4x4 454 173k

    ***********SOLD*************** Dad is selling the red truck above. One owner since 18k. $6000, spread the word. Not too many 3500 (yes 3500, not 2500) RCLB SRW trucks out there. Has some clear coat peeling, a little rust on the bottom of the doors, LS pkg, interior very nice. All wearable...
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    This guy just lit us up!
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    need to ban foreverfalcon40 not sure if it's actually spam, but his ads are so bad they look like it :lol:
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    get rid of share2jason
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    ucoovgzi I translated for you :naughty: Shivaji Park police also arrested Worli residence mulberry clutch Tejas Sonawane three accomplices on Wednesday that...
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    I think this guy just called me a dirty stinking hillbilly. That or he needs help with his truck. I have no idea :think:
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    more spammers

    user names: pbsnhiprx gjoddacpk dddwewgg hfbicnsl subnzqfq bixqlwgo
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    BillD55 being a dumba$$ again
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    Member since 2010 seems to have posted a lot on 5/1 just so he could list his truck for sale...
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    Members need some help out the door....