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    My Propane Powered SAS Resto Project

    What ever happened to this build? :unsure:
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    door handle replacement, moving, repositioning

    I need help!!! I want to know what the horible ideas i have in my mind look like on paper. Take this truck.. Remove the trim please for all renderings... or use the truck.. 1) is to move the handle down about 8" which would put the bottom of the handle to just about the body line 2)put...
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    BNIB: 94-98 Chevy clear corner lenses

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    WTB: Cognito Pitman and Idler Support arms

    Title says it all, let me know if you have some you are looking to get rid of.
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    OBS 5 speed clutch pedal with bracket and switch

    I am an idiot and bought 2 of these without even realizing it. Now I need to sell one. It came out of a 93. $60 shipped
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    5 speed splash shield nv3500/nv4500

    For sale: 5 speed splash shield. Came from a NV3500 but is the same as the one that fit my NV4500. Has small cut where starter goes, but I think they all do :crazy: $20 + shipping
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    OBS sliding back glass non-privacy

    Local pick-up preffered. NE ohio area. $50
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    OBS rear quarter glass Extended cab

    Both sides, comes with frames. Prefer local pick-up, but will ship. $75 shipped for both
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    OBS Tow hooks w/ bolts and plates

    $25 shipped
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    SOLD NP241c Tcase driverside drop 27 spline input

    Great transfer case for your sas project for NBS trucks with autotrac. This is the floor shift transfer case you need. Local pickup preffered but may be willing to ship, PM me you address for shipping quotes.
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    Debadge and drop please

    Can i get a couple renderings please.. In all of them, debadge, remove moldings, black out the mirrors and white letter tires and drop it 2". In one of them paint the wheels matte black In another one, black the wheels and grill.. Thanks in advance ~Steve
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    WTB: '01 Power Mirrors black

    Would like to buy a set of black mirrors for my 01 silverado. Shipping quote to zip 44266 PM me with what you have, pics are a must! Thanks, ~Steve
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    I need a chicked out Blazer

    The woman wants a old K5, so can someone chick this thing out.... First things first, it needs a pink paint job. Also black tinted windows, and rockstar wheels. Keep it lifted. And could you put the Famous logo down the side starting from the rear tilted slightly upwards as it goes to the front...
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    Electronic exhaust cut outs 3" (two cut outs)

    I picked these up from summit durring a clearance sale, payed $200 for the pair. Just looking to get my money back. The look like they were never run, no presence of exhaust residue. You may need a toggle switch, I dont know, never opened them up too look what all was there. I just decided that...
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    P-chop please

    Well I have an idea, may not be good, but its an idea. First thing I was thinking, remove all side molding and chrome trim around wheel wells. Then, install any offroad black front bumper (just for an offroad look + its black) After that, put tubing down the side of the truck starting from the...
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    88-95 Manual steering column w/tilt

    88-95 Manual steering column w/tilt. shipped to 44266
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    Quick question for 76-86 K30 People

    What is the spring pad width on your rear axle? Mainly looking for 14BFF but they should all be the same :dunno: :dunno: I need a measurement from center of center pin to center of center pin. Thanks
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    88-95 OBS LT headers Hedman Elite