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    For Sale: CB Radio, Hanheld CB Radio, 2 12's and amp

    Friend of mine has to get rid of her truck, so she's asked me to help her spread the word on some of the stuff shes taking off. Cobra CB night watch radio - $80 obo Midland Portable CB 2 in 1 (2 hand held CB's) - $125 obo...
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    NNBS Ext-cab SuperHides Seat Covers

    A friend of mine has to get rid of her NNBS, she asked me if I knew anyone who might be interested in her seat covers. They are black, waterproof and washable. The have the 40/60 split for the back seat. Also cover the front arm rests. Will fit a Chevy/GMC 1500 years 2007-2012 asking $275 obo...
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    NEED - NBS 03-07C Pass side Tail light harness

    We've had a ton of rain down here, and I've been having serious issues with my lights burning out. My Pass side tail light harness has some serious burn marks, and keeps blowing the brake lights. I need a replacement harness ASAP. My truck is a 03 NBS (same as in sig) PM me, or send an email...
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    nbs 4.3 to nnbs 5.3 swap questions?

    I was just wondering how difficult it would be to swap from nbs 4.3L to nnbs 5.3L. I was looking at a nbs 5.3 on craigslist, and found a 5.3L from a 2009 listed with computer and harness. I am guessing this would not be a direct swap as far as the harnesses and computers are concerned. Just...
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    2013 GMC and Chevrolet Bi-Fuel Pickups Unveiled

    I thought this was a pretty interesting article. I didn't realize Gm was looking into anything like this.. 2013 GMC and Chevrolet Bi-Fuel Pickups Unveiled Chevrolet Silverado and GMC...
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    Share your own FSC Motivational Posters!

    I was driving home this afternoon, and saw this garbage can close to the road, and it hit me! Motivational Poster Time!!! (notice the 2 obs in the background) Feel free to post up your own photos + your own captions = epic potential :cheer:
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    A new vehicle has been created in the garage!

    CustomChevyGuy has created a new vehicle in the garage. Go check out their 2003 Chevrolet Silverado LS!
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    FSC Facebook Group Updated !

    I just got an email from Facebook about updating the group page. I thought it fitting since we just had the server upgraded as well. Here is some information about the changes the FSC Group upgrade has made: Just wanted to let everyone know that the FSC Facebook group has been upgraded! What...
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    My PS Camaro idea

    So I was cruizin around some of the classic car dealers in Fl, and got to wondering how the new Camaro would look with some old school rally rims on it. Afterall, its a kinda throwback design, why not give it a set of throwback rims? While I was at it, I also smoked the tails and corner markers...
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    FSC drag racing pics

    I was just looking thru the Chevelle forum, and was scrolling thru the pages and pages of photos from the LA Invasion 2011 event coverage. Thought some of you might like to see a few of the FSC's out there showing up to make runs.. feel free to post up if these belong to any members, or if you...
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    GM unveils next-gen Chevrolet Colorado? ahead of Bangkok debut

    I thought this might be interesting to the rest of you as well. If you click on the thread link, there are a bunch more photos as well.
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    WTB: NBS Driver Side Mirror

    I am looking for a OEM manual/non heated Driver side mirror that has the full texture. There has to be some one with one that's laying around, for cheaper then $40 shipped. I might be interested in buying a pair if they both had the painted caps in the Dark Gray Metallic Color. PM me!
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    FL- NBS parts MUST GO!

    NBS PARTS MUST GO! ACDelco AM/FM radio - $25 + Shipping 03 Silverado Hood - $200 (local pick-up preferred) Tahoe Rims - $150 (local pick-up preferred) Textured Black Door Handles - $40 + Shipping PM me for photos, Make offer if you're interested! Items also listed locally on Craigslist and...
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    New Year = New Sig - Can you help?

    I have the new photo that I want to use as my sig modified and laid out with my name, but I cant seem to edit in the FSC logo and the Southeast Chapter outline Here is what I have so far for the sig I want to take out the FSC web address of this and edit it into the right side of the sig...
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    Sub-du Vids at Homestead Drags

    Most of you know I love to drag race, and since my Velle is still needing some parts, I've been taking my truck out for some fun. One of the guys out there takes tons of videos and put some of them up for others to watch. Recently he put me and the truck in a few of them. Thought you might want...
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    Grill update and my CL find of the Century !

    I was surfing craigslist last thursday, and found a post listing all 4 headlights, a chevy grill and chevy hood. They were only asking $200 for everything. It was late so I saved the number and called them the next morning. After some phone tag, I was able to talk to the guy selling the parts...
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    Latest mod on Sub-du (pics inside)

    So my g/f said she was running errands with her mom Saturday AM, and said she would be headed down Sat afternoon. I told her that sounded great, since it would give me time to wash/wax/detail the truck. I had just finished detailing the interior ( i always clean the inside first) and she pulls...
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    My Silverado and My dad's Trailblazer

    My Dad picked up this Trailblazer on Monday. I was kind of surprised how quickly he and my mom decided to buy it. So far he's loving it more each time he drives it. Its an 2008 Trailblazer LT. He also joined (a forum for Trailblazer and Envoy owners) his screen-name is CoNan08, for...
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    NBS parts taking up your space?

    I've been looking for a few odds and ends for my 03 NBS. Maybe you have something you dont need/want, and we can help each other out? I'm looking for the following: -horizontal billet grill insert -Glove box transition piece so I can install the full length center console I have. Color isnt a...
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    Photoshop Practice - Tips and Opinions wanted!!

    I took a few shots of some Harley Davidson Bikes while I was in Ohio. Its kinda a tradition that I stop at different shops while we're on vacation. Some of the shots I knew I was going to use for playing around with Photoshop and creating desktops. Original Cell Phone Pic #1 #2 #3 #4...